Betty White, 98, being ‘extra careful’ and refusing to leave LA mansion during coronavirus pandemic – The Sun

8BETTY White, 98, is refusing to leave her mansion during the coronavirus pandemic.

The living Hollywood Legend is reportedly being extra careful amid the virus outbreak.

Betty's fans have no need to worry, according to TMZ.

She is self-isolating at home and remains in good health.

Sources close to the actress told the website she's limited in-person interactions to only those "equally cautious" of the disease.

A representative for Betty also confirmed to TODAY: "Betty is fine."

Others handle errands like grocery shopping so Bettydoesn't have to leave her estate.

Betty is apparently quarantining inside and taking the time to relax.

Los Angeles also currently has a "stay-at-home order" forcing people to stay home aside for "essential business" or exercise.

California has reported more than 3K COVID-19 cases and dozens of Californians have died from the disease.

Concerned pans for Betty have tweeted: "Can someone please check on Betty White?? We must protect her from coronavirus."

Another added: "I think we need to protect the queen #bettywhite. I hope she’s in an underground bunker!"

Others wrote: "I wonder how Betty White is doing? I hope she’s safe. #bettywhite"

The actress is most well known for her award winning roles on Golden Girls and The Mary Tyler Moore Show.

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