Ben Shephard gutted as Tipping Point player loses £3,400 in major show u-turn

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Ben Shephard was gutted during Monday's Tipping Point as a player lost £3,400 in a huge show twist.

The episode saw contestants Kev, Vivienne, James and Jenna battle it out to hopefully win mega money on the show hosted by Ben Shephard.

James had performed amazingly throughout the show and made it to the final with a staggering £2,400.

He answered question after question correctly and made an astounding £3,400 before running out of counters.

The jackpot counter worth £10,000 was on the second shelf, so James decided to trade his winnings for three more coins to try and retrieve it.

Sadly, taking the risk didn't pay off as the jackpot counter didn't fall out of the machine, despite being nail-bitingly close to the edge.

James took his loss well as he told Ben that he "came with nothing" and "left with nothing".

Viewers watching were devastated for James as one said: "Oh noooooo James!!!!"

While another wrote: "Bad decision there James".

A third added: "I honestly thought he was going to win".

"Oh James", penned a fourth.

Ben was left in hysterics during Sunday's Tipping Point: Lucky Stars as This Morning star Josie Gibson suffered an embarrassing question blunder.

Ben asked the This Morning star: "According to the common phrase, a person who speaks very quickly is said to speak 19 to the what?"

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Josie crumbled under the pressure of the game as she quickly blurted out: "Miles an hour?", leaving Ben in fits of giggles.

Realising her error, Josie exclaimed: "19 to the dozen!" but her correct answer was too late.

Ben said: "I'm so sorry, we have to freeze you out here Josie, so you can't now answer this penalty pot question."

Josie replied while laughing: "You don't understand, I've downloaded the Tipping Point app and everything!"

"I'm really trying here", she added.

Tipping Point airs weekdays at 4pm on ITV.

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