BBC News host addresses breaking down over ‘heartbreaking’ report

BBC newsreader breaks down reporting on death of three boys

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It was confirmed on Monday three boys, aged eight, 10 and 11, had died after falling into an icy lake in the West Midlands. As BBC’s Jonna broke the news to viewers, she was visibly choked up and apologised as she struggled to deliver her report. Taking to Twitter on Tuesday, Joanna thanked viewers for their support following the emotional clip.

Joanna posted on her social media account: “I can’t respond to all your kind messages after the heartbreaking news of yesterday, but I want to, so this is to say I hugely appreciate the care that has come my way.

“Thank you. It was shocking news and thoughts are with those who are suffering this terrible loss.”

Her message has sparked further support, with viewers responding to her tweet throughout the day.

Joanna announced in yesterday’s report: “I have some really sad news to bring you, we are hearing three boys – aged 10, 11 and eight – have died…

“After being pulled from an icy lake in Solihull. So we knew that four children had been rescued.”

Joanna paused as she held back tears and tried to compose herself while continuing the devastating report.

She continued: “I am so sorry, this is terrible news obviously.

“Those three boys, aged eight, 10 and 11 have been pulled from the lake.

“They’d fallen into the icy water, there were reports six people had been seen on the ice.

“Emergency crews have been looking obviously around that lake, the emergency crews got their incredibly quickly, within seven minutes.

“But very sadly, we have heard three of those boys have died.”

Responding to Joanna’s tweet, several viewers praised her “dignified” announcement of the tragic outcome.

Twitter user @BIGMACK68 wrote: “It was truly heartbreaking watching that bulletin yesterday… you handled yourself with the utmost dignity, I defy anyone to not feel moved reporting news like that…”

@NZ0688 echoed this, stating: “A heartfelt thanks and appreciation from myself to you, Joanna. You showed such dignity and compassion despite delivering some incredibly tragic news. Thank you for bringing some humanity to the news.”

@NathanEChard added: “I was watching live and I witnessed a dignified and compassionate reporting of a horrendous development.”

“There was no need to apologise… I can’t imagine the sorrow the families are feeling right now. Thank you for showing your humanity and empathy and compassion. Sending love and light,” @mikeywjulesc posted.

@CheesmondSarah remarked: “Your expression of your sorrow and pain helped us to acknowledge our own painful response. Thank you for your humanity.”

“I can’t think of anyone who wasn’t dreadfully moved by you.  You were so dignified and yet we were all feeling exactly as you were, the difference was we could let our tears flow freely,” @RitaPaterson1 commented.

West Midlands police confirmed on Monday morning three of the four boys who had fallen into the lake had died.

A six-year-old remains in a critical condition in hospital.

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