Ashley Cain shares heartbreaking video of him dancing with terminally ill Azaylia as he warns fans of scam accounts

ASHLEY Cain shared a heartbreaking video of him dancing with his terminally ill daughter before warning fans not to fall for scam Facebook accounts.

The doting dad slow danced with his little girl to Ain't No Mountain High Enough as cartoons played on the TV in the background.

Ashley has been bonding with brave Azaylia by dancing and singing songs as he continues making precious memories with her.

Shortly after sharing the sweet dance with fans on Instagram, he then sent out a message warning them to beware of people taking advantage of Azaylia's tragic illness.

He wrote: "Hi guys. We feel really sad that it has come to this but we need to inform all of our supporters that we do not endorse, support or have any affiliation with Facebook pages or groups in Azaylia's name.

"Any communication from these pages/groups has no authority from us and any gifts send to these addresses are not being delivered or received by us.

"The only official updates come from mine and my partner's Instagram pages. Thank you for all of the continued love and support!"

Last night Ashley admitted that he has a "crazy belief" Azaylia, who has a rare form of leukaemia, will stay with them for weeks as he shared his pain at her "pending fate" after a "tough day".

At the end of last month, the 30-year-old star and his girlfriend Safiyya were told the heartbreaking news that their eight-month-old daughter's leukaemia can no longer be treated.

They took their little girl home having been told that she could just have "days left to live", and Ashley has now said "we aren't counting the days, we're making the days count" in an emotional Instagram statement.

Taking to his social media page late this evening, the devoted dad wrote: "We had another very tough day today.

"To be honest, every single day is a very tough day. We don't take Azaylia out of our sight for a single second at the moment, caring for her every need.

"Today was the first time for days that she has been able to open her eyes. The swelling and the blood in her tears is causing her pain and forcing them to stick and shut.

"But with relentless care and improvisation we've managed to help her see the world again. Even though she doesn't have much energy, she loved to see her surroundings today and had the loveliest little play time.

"We even got a smile, which was worth more than anything money can buy. As a parent, it's the hardest thing in the world to see your child like this, at home with the painful, inevitable fate pending.

"For some insane reason though, I still have some crazy belief that she will still be with us next week, the week after that, and the week after that.

"But we aren't counting the days right now, we're just doing our best to make those days count."

Ashley said that he was "counting his blessings" when Azaylia finally managed to open her eyes after they swelled shut.

His girlfriend Safiyya explained that the swelling was due to Azaylia's kidneys "finding it difficult" to drain fluid – with fluid retention forcing her eyes closed.

Safiyya and Ashley welcomed Azaylia in August of last year, but were left devastated just eight weeks later when they were told that she has leukaemia.

They have documented much of her fight on their Instagram pages, and told how they hope to make their little girl's time with them as full of fun, love, and happiness as possible.

Last week Safiyya revealed that "struggling" Azaylia is now on oxygen at home after she was rushed to hospital again.

She previously told how Azaylia has lost movement in half of her face due to tumours on her brain.

Last month, Ashley and Safiyya raised over £1 million to take Azaylia to Singapore in a last-ditch attempt to save her life – but were left devastated when they were told the specialists in the country could not help.

Doctors in the UK then discovered tumours throughout Azaylia's body, including her brain and spleen, and delivered the heartbreaking news that they'd run out of options to treat her.

The brave parents have now taken their little girl home from hospital, but still have regular trips back into A&E to keep Azaylia comfortable, with the eight-month-old having blood transfusions after crying blood, and bleeding from her nose.

Safiyya has also revealed purple bruises all over Azaylia's body as the leukaemia prevents her blood from clotting.

Through her brave fight, Azaylia has won the hearts of the nation, and has been nominated for a Pride of Britain award – with people across the UK also taking to their doorsteps to "Clap for Azaylia".


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