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PEOPLE all around the country – and even the world – have joined forces to protest police brutality after the tragic death of George Floyd.

Celebrities have also played a part in the protests as they've donated thousands of dollars to help bail out protesters and get them legal help against possible prosecution, and speaking out on social media and informing their followers of the situation.

However, some celebrities – like Ariana Grande, Paris Jackson, Halsey, Machine Gun Kelly, and Nick Cannon – have joined protestors in the streets and even taken a few hits themselves.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande has been one of those celebs who has been doing a little bit of everything.

When this all started, the thank u, next singer shared resources, donated money for foundations, and even posted messages of solidarity and positivity on her social media.

She also took to the streets with her boyfriend Dalton Gomez and his friends to protest police brutality.

She shared fellow singer Tenashe's post about peaceful protests and chimed in: "Hours and miles of peaceful protesting yesterday that got little to no coverage.

"All throughout Beverly Hills and West Hollywood, we chanted, people beeped and cheered along. We were passionate, we were loud, we were loving."

Additonally, she was spotted and photographed multiple times with a sign that read: "Black lives matter."


Halsey and ex-boyfriend Yungblud were some of the celebs who came face-to-face with police as they walked the streets of California.

She wrote on social media: "We were peaceful hands up not moving not breaching the line. They opened fire of rubber bullets and tear gas multiple times on us. Citizens who were not provoking them.

"Most of us were simply begging them to have empathy. To reconsider. To consider humanity and our nation's history and future. They opened fire multiple times. I was hit twice. Once by pellets and once by shrapnel. We were gassed repeatedly for hours."

The You Should Be Sad singer added: “The frontline will not relent. I will be returning.”

She explained: “We are standing here and doing nothing and they are still advancing”.

Addressing the police, she added: “WHO ARE YOU PROTECTING?”

Halsey later took to Twitter to clarify that she hadn’t been arrested during the protests.

They were also spotted taking care of protestors who had gotten hurt after rounds of pellets were shot into the crowds.

RHOA's Porsha Williams

Porsha Williams took to the streets with her friends and family for multiple days as they all protested police brutality in Atlanta, Georgia.

The housewife – who held a sing which read 'we matter!' – spoke to news crews in Atlanta wearing a white face mask and then another black face mask for extra protection.

Porsha told journalists: “With everything that’s going on, today I’m just like anybody else.

“I am here to be a voice for the voiceless. What’s going on in black America is not ok. We are not ok. We just want to live."

The RHOA star added: “I’m out here today to make sure everybody knows that black lives matter, we want justice for George Floyd’s family.

"I know one cop has been arrested, we would like the other cops to be charged with murder. And we are going to protest until it is done.”

“We are here for any family who has suffered from police brutality. We are done, we are tired, and we are not going to take it anymore. We are not going to sit at home, we’re going to march, we’re going to lift our voice and we are going to be heard.”

Nick Cannon

Nick Cannon traveled to Minneapolis to walk alongside protests as they called for justice for George Floyd.

The father of two penned a rap against police brutality and racism, has been at the head of many protest groups, and has even come face-to-face with police and militant groups.

He even penned an essay for Variety as to why he made the decision to travel to Minneapolis.

He wrote: "I want us to focus on our humanity and dismantling racist systems that we don’t need that perpetuate crimes of inequality and oppress communities of color all over our country.

"We have to dismantle all of those systems that this country was built on.

Jeremy Meeks

The 36-year-old model was spotted walking down the streets of Los Angeles with his fist raised in protest.

Jeremy filmed the march in his Instagram Stories, showing the crowds chanting, "USA! No cops! No racist KKK!!" while carrying signs with the words, "Don't murder us".

The California native then told the camera: "No justice, no motherf***ing peace. Brought this on yourself.

"Prosecute or suffer the wrath of the people. The people are fed up. This is your guys' fault.'

RHONY's Leah McSweeney

RHONY's party girl Leah McSweeney took to the streets to protest in New York City.

She told her fans over Instagram stories: "The way I see this has to be a rebirth, aside from the pandemic and the terrible way that the government has handled it and obviously these riots and the racism…"

Leah posted a video in Union Square and as she headed closer, Leah saw smoke in the distance and said there are "fires everywhere."

She went on in a video for her Instagram stories: "New York is literally on fire.

"The air is thick with gasoline. It's insane, there's broken glass everywhere."

RHOC's Braunwyn Windham-Burke

Braunwyn Windham-Burke posted a selfie where she was seen among the Los Angeles masses as they protested.

This after she took to Instagram to educate her fans on how she's had to educate her sons to stand up for what's right.

She wrote: "I’ve never had to explain to my sons what to if they get pulled over, I know they’ll be okay, I have to be honest though, I’ve been so afraid of doing the wrong thing that I’ve done nothing, and that’s worse.

"We can’t be quiet anymore, we have to ask 'what can we do?' Then listen, learn and not be complacent. So I’m asking, 'what can I do?'"

She also took to Instagram stories to share scenes from the protests and later claimed that "it was scary" as she and her friends were surrounded "by white supremacists" who were "instigating."

The mother of seven also applauded the protestors for keeping things peaceful and police officers for avoiding any confrontation with them.

Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson was also spotted walking with fellow protestors as they called for justice.

She took to Instagram to claim she was only there for a peaceful protest, and wrote: "Today started out so beautifully, seeing people come together with peace and harmony in their hearts.

"It broke my heart to see it all go up in flames. violence is not the answer. how do we expect to bring our world up to a happier and higher and healthier way of living if we’re stooping as low as those that committed the crimes we’re protesting ?

"peaceful protest only!!"

Despite being applauded by tons of fellow celebs, her comments got her backlash from some of her followers who claimed peaceful protests were getting them nowhere and police officers were instigating for protests to become violent.

Machine Gun Kelly

Machine Gun Kelly was also spotted walking alongside protestors as they marched the streets of Los Angeles.

The 30-year-old singer and Megan Fox's new boo also took to Instagram to show scenes of the protests and to call out people "who look like me."

He told his followers: "If you look like me and you have racism in your heart, on your mind, and coming out of your mouth, f**k you.

"I'm ashamed of you. If you enjoy my music or you like my movies, I don't want you watching, I don't want your business. F**k you.

"I don't want nothing that's part of the evil agenda, that's not what our generation's legacy is gonna be so I'm drawing a line and I'm asking people to step up and speak out for our fellow people going through all this hell right now.

"And encourage good, you know, let our kids grow up in a world where they're not scared to leave their f**king house or their cars or be running down the streets.

"Evil is running the show, take it back from them, f**k these motherf**kers."

The death of George Floyd, 46, in Minneapolis sparked protests throughout America, with demonstrators calling for an end to police violence.

Officer Derek Chauvin was filmed in the now-viral video kneeling on Mr Floyd's neck for eight minutes as George pleaded, "please don't kill me" and said "I can't breathe", before losing consciousness.

Chauvin was charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter in the case.

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