Ant McPartlin ‘goes missing’ from Radio 2 chat with Declan Donnelly – who jokes he’s having a lie in – The Sun

ANT McPartlin was missing from the start of a Radio 2 interview with Declan Donnelly this morning.

The pair were expected to chat to Dermot O’Leary but only Dec made it online –  leading him to joke that Ant was having a lie in.

Dermot joked: "It's Dec and Dec”, before asking "Where is he?"

Dec replied: "Who knows Dermot, who knows?"

Dermot questioned if he might still be asleep and Dec joked: "Wouldn't be the first time, Dermot.”

He did stand up for his pal though, and added: "I think it's technicals, let's be honest, we're all getting used to Zoom and WhatsApp calling and video calling, none of us know what we're doing, do we?"

Dermot started asking Dec about Saturday Night Takeaway when Ant came on the line.

The radio presenter joked: “Here he is, has he rolled out of bed now?”

Ant replied: “What are you on about Dermot. I’ve been sat here waiting for you!”

An insider confirmed that Ant had been trying to get on the call, saying: "There was a technical problem Radio 2's end for a few minutes at the start.

“Both Ant & Dec were ready to phone into the show at the agreed time."

Once they were both sorted they discussed how it has been doing SNT from home and having to adapt due to coronavirus.

Dec said: "It was the week before last we were there, we said we're going to try to continue to bring the show to everyone as long as we're able and allowed, and it just got to the point we couldn't continue bringing that amount of crew into the studio and me and Ant stand next to each other and we just couldn't do it.

"We pre-recorded the last two episodes and then thought, wouldn't it be great if we did it from our living rooms, so we bought two new mobile phones and did it.

"It's very different and it's that whole thing of we're used to being next to each other and I've got him on a video conference line out of shot and you're praying the technicals keep up.

"There's a huge amount of nerves where you think, is my wifi going to hold up?"

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