Anne Robinson orders Countdown bosses to find more brainy female contestants

Anne Robinson says she has told Countdown bosses they need to find more female contestants.

The star, 76, is the new host of the Channel 4 quiz show and when she started filming she was unimpressed that there were so many men competing.

Anne told the Daily Star Sunday: "It seemed to me that the majority of contestants were male. I did say, ‘You have got to persuade women to come on'. It's something I begged they did more of. We've now got many more female contestants.

"I suspect women don't automatically think they're brilliant at something.

"Whereas men do, even if they haven't the foggiest idea what they're doing."

Countdown now has plenty of girl power as Anne is starring alongside show regulars Rachel Riley and Susie Dent.

She added: "There are one or two shows we've recorded where we had a female guest in dictionary corner and two female contestants."

Anne is the first female host in the show's 38-year history.

But she doesn't think that should be considered a landmark.

She said: "We're surely past the age where we're going to be completely astonished a woman can do the same job as a man.

"Although clearly we're not if people are trying to persuade me it's a wonderful thing that I'm the first woman to do Countdown.

"If we can have female prime ministers, why should anyone die of excitement that we're going to have a woman doing Countdown?"

Nick Hewer, 77, bid farewell to the Countdown studio on Thursday, leaving the show after nine years in the role.

His co-star Rachel ordered flowers to send him off in style, but they suffered a blunder when the blooms failed to arrive on time.

Saying goodbye to the studio, Nick asked Rachel and Susie Dent to treat Anne with the same kindness he’d experienced on the show.

The programme airs at 2.10pm every weekday.

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