Andrew Neil recharging batteries as he speaks out on GB News break

Nigel Farage jokes about Andrew Neil ‘recharging batteries’

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Nigel Farage welcomed Andrew Neil onto his new GB News show, The Political Correction, on Sunday morning. This comes as just two weeks after the launch of the new channel, Andrew revealed he’d soon be taking a break from his presenting duties. Nigel couldn’t help but quiz the former BBC presenter about his break from GB News.

Since GB News’ debut, Andrew has fronted an hour-long daily slot from 8pm.

As well as being one of GB News’ lead presenters, Andrew is also the chairman of the network.

However, he recently revealed Colin Brazier would soon be filling in for him while he takes a step back from the channel.

The former BBC presenter made the announcement on GB News on Thursday evening.

As his show drew to a close, Andrew told viewers: “That’s it for tonight and from me for the next few weeks.

“But I leave you in the safe and professional hands of Colin Brazier.

“I’ll be back before the summer is out and popping up before then when you least expect it, so stay tuned,” the broadcaster said.

He went on to address the performance of the channel so far, admitting: “Yes, we had a bit of a rocky start.”

But, added: “They’re always a bit rocky these start-ups, but we are up and running as you can see.

“We get better every day and there’s clearly an appetite for what we’re doing,” Andrew commented.

When Andrew made an appearance on Nigel’s show The Political Correction, on Sunday morning, the pair discussed his break from the channel.

Nigel said: “Andrew thank you very much for joining us this morning and when you’ve recharged the batteries you’ll be back firing on all cylinders.”

“I thought I was firing on all cylinders right now!” Andrew replied.

Nigel quickly clarified: “No you are! No, no, goodness knows what you’ll be like after a few weeks of recharging the batteries.

“But, we look forward to seeing you back,” he added.

“I have to go and practice my Pasodoble now… and the Tango,” Andrew remarked.

He was jokingly suggesting his GB News break could be because he’s set to appear on BBC’s Strictly Come Dancing.

Nigel burst out laughing and said: “Ah there you are you see, a hint from Andrew Neil.

“Perhaps the earlier denial wasn’t as sincere as you wanted us to believe,” he added.

“Just winding you up!” Andrew responded.

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