American Idol fans slam Katy Perry’s Tinker Bell look as 'absurd' after star channels Kim Kardashian's bleached eyebrows

AMERICAN Idols fans slammed judge Katy Perry's Tinker Bell look as "absurd" during Sunday's episode of the competition show.

The 36-year-old singer seemed to channel Kim Kardashian's bleached eyebrow look as she dressed up as the Peter Pan character for Disney night.

While some American Idol viewers paid attention to the performances, others couldn't help but be distracted by Katy's bold costume.

Some viewers complimented the singer for going all out for the show's theme, though others slammed the judge for going too far and bleaching her eyebrows.

A number of fans took to Twitter to discuss Katy's unique costume, as one person wrote: "Katy Perry looks RIDICULOUS. Why don't the guys have to look absurd week after week?"

Another viewer added: "Were Katy's eyebrows burned off or something, she looks weird."

Alongside a photo of Katy during the episode, a third chimed in: "WHERE THE F*CK ARE KATY PERRY'S EYEBROWS???!!"

A following fan asked: "Does tinker bell not have eyebrows? I don’t get why Katy Perry didn’t include them?"

Others criticized the judge for her over the top look, as one person wrote: "If I were a camera person or producer of #AmericanIdol. I'd be really irritated by those friggin' Tinkerbell wings. Why does Katy Perry feel like she has to take up as much space as possible?"

Another person wrote: "Am I the only one who's more annoyed than impressed by Katy Perry's Tinkerbell look? Since when does Tinkerbell not have eyebrows?"

Alongside a photo of Jeffree Star, another viewer commented: "Katy Perry's brow really giving me these unfortunate vibes."

A following fan pointed out that Katy pulled off a similar eyebrow-less look at the 2016 Met Gala and she share side by side photos of the two looks.

Katy's costume comes just days after the  KUWTK star, 40, looked unrecognizable as she showed off her heavy makeover before a fashion-forward shoot.

Kim shared a glimpse into the preparations, showing her dark hair tied back in plaits while her brows were covered in bleach.

"Can you guess what the set vibes are today?" she asked fans on her Instagram Stories.

"So it's really cute, guys. Bleached brows. I'm into it. I can't wait to show you guys the final look."

The reality star then showed off the finished result, pouting at the camera as she displayed her blonde coiffed waves, almost non-existent brows, smoky eye shadow and heavy contour.

Kim later assured fans that the new look wasn't permanent, as she shared a selfie not long after the shoot where her hair and brows were back to normal.

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