American Horror Story's Sarah Paulson drops first hint about season 10 role – revealing it fulfils a 'life-long fantasy'

AMERICAN Horror Story’s Sarah Paulson has dropped a huge hint about her season 10 role – revealing it fulfils a “life-long fantasy”. 

The actress, 46, has played no shortage of intriguing and captivating characters during her time on the show including conjoined twins, a sex-obsessed spectre and an apocolypse-preventing witch. 

Sarah, who recently received a Golden Globe nomination for her role as Nurse Mildred Ratched, is gearing up for what will be the 10th season of the FX anthology series American Horror Story. 

Despite the ongoing pandemic, Sarah is busy shooting not one but two shows as she is filming her role as Linda Tripp in the new American Crime Story. 

Speaking to The Wrap, the actress revealed how she’s juggling the two very different series and offered a tidbit of information about what fans can expect from her AHS character. 

She said: “Well, here's the deal, I haven't started Horror Story. We're only into episodes one and two and about to start three of Crime Story. 

“Though Horror Story is shooting, they haven't been able to have me yet because of what I'm doing on Crime Story.

"But in a minute or two, that will start to be in front of me, of trying to do both of them at the same time. So I don't know yet what it's like to play the gal I'm playing over on Horror Story this year, but I can tell you that I'm looking forward to it."

Giving a little bit of information about what the upcoming role could look like, Sarah explained what her American Horror Story character is like for season 10. 

The star revealed that her role will feel familiar as she's got elements of a few people rolled into her.

She divulged: “But the most exciting thing for me is I get to have a hair colour I've never had on the show, nor have I ever had it in life, and it's something I've always dreamt of doing, never done.

"So I get to live out that fantasy, so that's exciting for me."

Sarah has been starring in the FX anthology since its inception in 2011 and has received five Primetime Emmy Award nominations and won two Critics' Choice Television Awards.

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