36 Incredible Mandy Moore Throwback Photos in Honor of Her 36th Birthday

In honor of Mandy Moore’s 36th birthday today, take a few moments to look back at some of the singer-actress’s gloriously ’90s and early-aughts throwbacks, from having us all craving “Candy” to taking A Walk to Remember. You won’t regret it.

Check out those bangs! And those missing front teeth!

“Whenever I have the inclination to cut bangs again, I’ll just look at this pic,” Moore joked.

Glamour Shots 4eva.

The cutest headshot there ever was.

What we would give to hear the conversations these three had.

Jamie and Landon forever!

Kids today will never appreciate not having to haul around a tote full of nothing but CDs for your Discman.

Rest in peace, frosted tips.

A life-size cutout of yourself — you know, just a typical cleaning-out-the-house thing we’ve all stumbled upon.

Pure yearbook gold.

But we’re low-key kind of digging the haircut? In a “great for driving the kids to dance class” kind of way, but still.

We’re not crying, you’re crying.

Crimped bangs are making a comeback any day now.

We can only assume this van is now being cared for in a museum, where it belongs.

Here’s to even more years of adventurous bangs, A-plus poses and lots and lots of cats for Moore.

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