1000lb Sisters Tammy Slaton sparks worry as she shows off her cooking skills

Tammy Slaton singing in new TikTok video

Tammy Slaton has treated her family to a wholesome cooked meal – but fans aren’t happy with what she rustled up.

The 1000lb Sisters star took to Instagram on Tuesday to show off her cooking skills, sharing photos of different meals that she had prepared in the kitchen.

Tammy shared a series of snaps displaying a variety of dishes she had made, including potato casserole and chicken and dumplings and for the last image, the TLC star shared a selfie of herself next to one of her creations as she smiled at the camera.

“Even though I can’t eat much doesn’t mean my family shouldn’t eat good and I’m finally able to show off my cooking skills just cool me chef TT or chef TamTam lol,” she captioned the carousel post.

However, it appears fans strongly disagreed.

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Under the post one fan @guccis_mommie fumed: “I’m sorry but you shouldn’t be eating ANY of those foods especially after bypass surgery! I can state that fact since I too had gastric bypass and none of those foods are to be eaten after this surgery…

“If you keep eating this way you will definitely be gaining all that weight back..not to mention no one in your family should be eating this way as well… IJS” [sic]

Another user @caronmirrett echoed: “Tammy stay away from cooking. Too tempting to cook your own healthy meals for yourself. Slippery slope. Your Family can cook their own meals. Don’t look for excuses to be around unhealthy foods.”

With fan @terri.carlson blasting Tammy, adding: “Battered and fried, lots of cheese. That will not keep you or anyone at normal weight. Try to cook a little bit healthier.”

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A fourth fan @kansascityak1 penned: “No one in your family can afford to eat that way.”

While Tammy received a rather stern telling-off from most of her fans – others actually praised her cooking with some going as far as to ask her to start up her own cooking YouTube channel.

The doctor who helped Tammy through her gruelling weight loss journey, Dr Eric Smith, didn’t seem to be phased by her recent feast and praised the star saying the food “looks great!!” before adding:”I think you might need to bring some of that for us to try at the office!” 

The reason fans may be fearing the worst when it comes to Tammy’s eating habits is because the TV personality has recently just shed a ton of weight after being a whopping 717 pounds at her heaviest.

Thanks to bariatric surgery and a change in lifestyle habits it’s reported Tammy now weighs around 375lbs.

She regularly shows off her new slimmed-down frame and can even walk unaided without her stroller.

1000lb Sisters airs on TLC in the US.

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