Zenith Releases This Season's Limited Edition Defy Extreme E 2023

Zenith has released the third season of the Defy Extreme E. This time around, the watch is crafted entirely out of carbon fibre and features the Extreme E’s official “Vital Green” color.

With performance at the forefront, as well as a focus on the high-frequency chronograph movement, the watch is capable of accurately measuring elapsed time to immense precision. This season’s Extreme E is constructed with brightly colored accents in the model’s signature “Vital Green,” setting the tone for driving awareness and action on climate change. The watch also utilizes recycled and upcycled parts from actual races, incorporated into both the strap and the packaging.

In regards to the special edition Extreme E, CEO Julien Tornare said in a statement, “This is the
third year that Extreme E has been championing the causes of sustainability and climate change awareness, which are central to ZENITH’s HORIZ-ON CSR initiative. We’re honored to be able to continue supporting Extreme E as we have from the very beginning, as we truly consider it to be the future of rally racing. The DEFY Extreme E edition commemorates this with an all-carbon construction, a first for the DEFY Extreme line. We’re thrilled to be able to launch it here in Scotland with our friends and partners.”

With this edition, Zenith has made its most rugged 1/100th of a second chronograph even lighter. The company has done so while also ensuring the signature toughness of the Defy Extreme E. The watch weighs only 96 grams, including the strap as well as the triple-folding clasp. Continuing to raise awareness for sustainability, the velcro strap features a black rubber central element surrounded by green cordura effect rubber to match the “Vital Green” accents on the dial. The watch comes with two additional straps in black rubber and black velcro.

The waterproof and crushproof Zenith Defy Extreme E is limited to 100 pieces and is available at physical and online Zenith stores around the world.

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