You can buy luxury dog beds that are the exact mini version of the human ones

Research from Sainsbury’s Bank recently revealed that almost a quarter of UK adults (24%) have welcomed a new pet into their home since March 2020, or are planning to do so before Easter 2021.

These pandemic pets are undoubtedly going to be spoilt rotten, with everybody who’s wanted a puppy or kitten for years finally able to share their love now they’re working from home more.

As a result of the dog-buying-and-rescuing boom, bed company Time4Sleep has designed a bespoke range of luxurious doggy beds to match their own human.

They’ve created exact replicas of some of its most popular designs and reduced them down to doggy size so that you can kick back with your canine this season. 

Starting from £304, the handmade beds are a new addition to the growing trend of opulent pet beds, although this is believed to be the first collection of its kind to be made into miniature versions of human beds.

The first in the collection is the Pup-vision TV bed, costing £447 and perfect for #PetflixandChill.

While the human version unveils a full size television at the flick of a switch, this one opens a slot where you can put a tablet or phone so your dog can watch their favourite films and shows.

We’d recommend Beethoven or Homeward Bound, but stay away from Marley and Me at all costs.

Next up is a solution to the sea of dog toys that no doubt occupy your floors – the Store and Snore Doggy Ottoman at £390.

With its simple storage unit, you and your dog can enjoy all the Christmas presents this year without having to worry about the wreckage. From squeaky toys to dog bones, this bed can store it all in the base.

Then, for all the vintage queens of the doggy world is the Ruff Ruff Rattan bed, which costs £304.

It’s ideal for those pups who like to stay on-trend, and the rattan bedframe will bring cottagecore and more to your doggo’s festive interiors. 

If your budget is a little more paw-secco than champagne, check out our pet gift guide to spoil your pet without breaking the bank.

And make sure you keep your pampered dog away from these Christmas foods that could make them ill.

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