Women should look for rich and successful men – dating up isnt gold digging

Jana Hocking believes women should aim to "date up" instead of settling for less.

When she was younger, the relationships writer fell into a pattern of going out with blokes who felt more like "projects".

She hoped they'd "come good" one day, but sadly "they never did".

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So after turning 30, Jana decided to change her approach.

As she was making "decent money" and climbing the career ladder, she started looking for ambitious men who could keep up.

And we're pleased to say her approach has been a big success!

Jana told FEMAIL: "There is now a term for this slightly controversial dating trend. And sure, it gets a bad rap but as someone who has been on both sides of the fence, I think every woman should be embracing it.

"It's called 'Hypergamous' dating and it's defined as 'dating up' or 'marrying up' – a term used in social science for the act or practice of a person dating or marrying a spouse of higher caste, social status or sexual capital than themselves."

While some think it's wrong to take a partner's financial situation into consideration, the Australian journalist disagrees.

She emphasised that she's not looking for a rich businessman who whizzes around in supercars, she just want someone who's driven and interesting.

Having disposable income also allows Jana to go on fun dates and dinners, which is why she looks for someone who has a similar salary.

Jana added: "Unlike gold diggers, women who are looking to date in a hypergamous-fashion are doing so because they've worked hard for their money, and are looking for someone in a similar boat.

"I don't just want to sit in their fancy cars, I want to hear how their interesting day was. What big decisions did they have to make? What's next on their career horizon? What are they currently working on? Inspire me and it's highly likely I'll let you touch my boobs."

She had some words of advice for her readers too.

The love guru urged ladies to take the plunge and date up as there's "no shame in it".

She added: "Aim high people".

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