Woman takes lingerie pics from different angles to show how posing changes body

A woman has posted pictures of her wearing stunning red underwear only moments apart to show how easily our bodies can change by posing slightly differently.

Hannah Blackburn, 19, works to create a lot of body positive content for her 20,000 Instagram followers, and she also documents what it's like to overcome an eating disorder.

In a recent post the content creator posted two snaps of herself side by side while wearing a striking deep red underwear set – one picture showed her looking toned and slender while the other showed her looking curvier with a fuller tummy.

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She simply captioned the post: "Not a 'good' body. Not a 'bad' body."

Hannah compared the images to show that no matter how different she looks in the pictures the images essentially capture a body "with the same worth and same value."

She said no matter how she poses, or tucks her wobbly bits in, she's ultimately left with the same body.

Writing on Instagram, she said: "Not a good body. Not a bad body. Not a flattering body. Not an unflattering body.

"Not a better looking body. Not a worse looking body.

"Just a body with the same worth and same value no matter what the angle or pose is.

"Let’s remove the labels and perceptions we hold of certain bodies and the way that they look!

"THEY ARE NOT THE DEFINING POINTS OF WHO WE ARE who cares if my body looks different when I relax or wear certain clothes??!

"Honestly, who the f*** cares? I don’t! I am not my body, I have one but the shape of it isn’t who I am. I am MORE and so are you.

"We live in a world that is so highly focused on appearances that we have lost sight of who we TRULY ARE and instead are more focused on how we LOOK, which is so sad considering how incredible we all are and all of the amazing things we have to offer to the world which have nothing to do with our weight or body shape.

"It has made us believe that there is this idea of perfection when it comes to body sizes and shapes which just isn’t true.

"We are not put on this earth to be perfect, to look the exact same as someone else, lose weight, look a certain way or be a specific size, Why? Because we’re SO much MORE than that."

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She added: "Our bodies do NOT determine our worth OR if we’re good enough because guess what? We already ARE these things and only we get to decide what’s right for us, no one else."

"NO MATTER THE SIZE OR APPEARANCE OF YOUR BODY, you are ALWAYS enough because the shape of your body isn’t what decides this.

"Your body is deserving of love, Is deserving of nourishment and is deserving of KINDNESS ALWAYS because your body is NOT a problem and never has been.

"The problem is society and diet culture making us feel like we have to live up to something that just doesn’t exist.

"BE YOURSELF in the body you are in because you are beautiful, in every way."

The post has accumulated several likes and comments since it was published on social media.

People have dubbed Hannah "amazing" for sharing such raw and honest snaps.

One person commented: "Our body does not define our worth."

A second said: "I needed to see and read this today", while a third added: "You're amazing and perfect."

A fourth chirped in: "You are stunning just as you are and you prove to all of us that we are too."


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