Watch Mike Tyson as referee in brutal MMA fight in UK which boxing legend is forced to stop after submission – The Sun

MIKE TYSON once refereed an MMA match in the UK as the boxing legend was forced to wave off the fight after a submission.

Tyson had been retired one year when he stepped foot into the cage in Manchester – as an official.

The heavyweight icon refereed a bout for World Cage Fighting Championship between Spaniard Diego Gonzalez and Liverpudlian Terry Etim.

Etim – who went on to have 11 UFC fights between 2007-2013 – won by submission after choking out Gonzalez in 59 seconds.

Fans in the comment section joked the retired boxer would have the beating of both the pro MMA fighters.

One said: "When the referee is more intimidating than your opponent…"

Another said: "In his prime Tyson would killed any fighter, cage or ring."

Tyson would stay involved with MMA and over the years formed a close friendship with UFC president Dana White.

White – who grew up in boxing before managing UFC fighters and eventually transitioning into promoting – has invited Tyson octagon side for some of the company's biggest fights.

Iron Mike admitted in 2012 had MMA been as prominent as it is today, then he may have chosen the cage over the ring.

He told ESPN eight years ago: "When I came up, my trainer was a boxing guy. If my guy was in UFC, I'd probably go that way.

"I love UFC, big time. How could you not be? They play UFC so much, you see it year round, and you just have to want to be a fan. If you're not a fan, you’re not cool.

"I would love to do that stuff."

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