US woman shocked after finding cruel note in McDonald’s order

A US woman was shocked after finding a note telling her to “lose weight” in her McDonald’s order.

Suzie, who goes by @soozieque on TikTok, shared a video this week explaining her DoorDash driver had left a note in her McDonald’s bag.

“Lose weight, ask me how,” the note read.

It was written on a card for Herbalife Nutrition, a dietary supplement company that generates revenue through multi-level marketing (MLM), also known as a pyramid scheme.

“My DoorDash person put this in my McDonald’s bag,” Suzie wrote on TikTok, adding in a caption, “Thanks … I guess.”

The video has been viewed more than 65,000 times, and caused a stir on the social media platform with many commenters calling the delivery driver unprofessional.

Many urged Suzie to report the driver, to which she said she “tried” and “heard nothing”. has contacted DoorDash for a comment.

“That’s messed up,” one woman said.

“That’s mad rude,” another said.

“File a complaint with DoorDash,” another urged.

“Imagine if he had given that to someone suffering from an ed (eating disorder),” another wrote.

But some commenters urged Suzie not to take it personally, and suggested the delivery driver was trying to bootstrap his own career.

“People on their hustle and flow. Some people are so sensitive on everything,” Tonyia Hopper wrote.

“I’m sure she’s just trying to sell her products.”

“I think this person was just trying to give you their business card,” another agreed.

“No harm. People are out of work rn.”

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