Urgent Windows 10 warning to anyone visiting X-rated websites – your data may…

‌There’s yet another urgent warning for Windows users and it’s especially worrying for anyone who visits adult websites. According to the security experts at Malwarebytes, cyber crooks are now trying their luck with a new tactic that uses fake pop-up windows to entice users into downloading vicious malware.

What makes this threat more worrying is that the animated message – which takes over the full screen – looks like it has come from Microsoft with it urging PC owners to install an urgent upgrade.

The remarkably authentic pop-up window automatically launches when certain websites – including some X-rated web pages – are accessed. Once loaded, the window shows a progress dial and even warns users not to switch off their PC.

Although it appears to be from Microsoft, and even includes the famous blue colour scheme, the alert is simply a bogus webpage and doesn’t contain any Windows upgrades.

Instead, those tricked into clicking on the install link will simply flood their PCs with data-stealing Aurora malware.

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“Windows users are quite familiar with system updates, often interrupting hours of work or popping up in the middle of an intense game. When that happens, they just want to install whatever needs to be installed and get on with their day.

A threat actor is buying popunder ads targeting adult traffic and tricking victims with what appears to a system security update.”

According to Malwarebytes, around 30,000 people have already been targeted by the threat with around 600 being tricked into installing the malware.

It’s worth remembering that Windows updates don’t come via a browser window and if you see a pop-up suddenly appearing then you should ignore it and quit your Chrome or Edge software.

News of this scam comes as Microsoft has just released an important upgrade which fixes a number of issues including three that have been given the dreaded zero-day rating.

That means cyber thieves are aware of the flaws and could be actively exploiting them.

Full details about the Microsoft Patch Tuesday update can be found here but if you use Windows 10 or Windows 11 then it’s a good idea to update your computer as soon as possible. 

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