UFC stunner Paige VanZant wants to fight again before getting metal plate removed after contract expires – The Sun

UFC beauty Paige VanZant wants to fight again before undergoing further arm surgery.

The 26-year-old last fought in January 2019 with a second round submission win over Rachael Ostovich at UFC Fight Night Brooklyn.

And she was due to step into the Octagon last month before her latest injury, one of many arm fractures throughout her career, forced her out of a clash with Brazilian Amanda Ribas.

Now the huge fan favourite, who has been selling personalised messages throughout the coronavirus lockdown, has revealed she needs to go under the knife again to get a metal plate removed.

But the grappler is determined to have one more fight before the op.

Speaking to MMA Fighting, the 26-year-old American said: “So the biggest problem is I need to get the plate out in my arm.

“Tony Ferguson broke his ulna, too, and he had his plate taken out, so that’s why he hasn’t had any complications with it.

“I have a plate that pretty much runs from my wrist to my elbow, and each one of those has a screw hole, so I have seven screws in my arm. Each one of those screw holes is technically a hole in your bone, so they’re all weak points.

“Then at the front of your plate and at the end of your plate is a weak point, too. Because your bone flexes, and it bends whereas the plate doesn’t bend, your arm bends around the plate.

“Each time I’ve re-broken it, I’ve broken through a screw hole. I just need to get the plate taken out, so it’s just another surgery I have to look forward to.”

Whenever VanZant decides to step back into the cage, it will be the final fight of her current UFC deal.

And she says the period after that would then provide her with the ideal opportunity to get the surgery while she thrashes out a new package with Dana White.

She added: “The timeline is fight one more time [and] I’ll be in contract negotiations at that point.

“I’ll be a free agent. Theoretically that could take a long time to go through that negotiation process.

“So it’s the perfect time to have one more arm surgery and heal it the right way. By the time negotiations are over, I’ll have a new contract.

“I’ll [have] a fight lined up. All of that will give me plenty of time to heal my arm correctly.”

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