Twitch Rivals Fall Guys tournament: Teams, rules, how to watch & more

Fall Guys released on August 4th, and since then it has taken over Twitch streams.

The popular computer game (also available on PS4) is like a mix of Mario Party and the television show Wipeout. It’s a fun, easy-to-play battle royale game with different stages. Some stages you can play as a team, others you’re by yourself. Every round, people get eliminated until there is a lone winner at the end.

The game is perfect for streaming because it’s easy to watch, games go by quickly and the way it’s made fools anyone into thinking they can win. Fall Guys has exploded into popularity with over 7 million downloads on Steam in under a month. It’s also the the most downloaded PlayStation Plus game of all time, per Devolver Digital.

So it was only a matter of time before Fall Guys became competitive. And that’s what’s happening now with the Twitch Rivals Fall Guys Tournament. Twitch Rivals has introduced Fall Guys Fridays where 80 players in teams of 4 (20 teams total) will compete for a prize pool of $50,000.

We’ll break down everything you need to know about Fall Guys Fridays below.

Twitch Rivals Fall Guys tournament

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What time does the Twitch Rivals Fall Guys tournament start?

The Twitch Rivals Fall Guys tournament begins at 3 p.m. ET, or 12 p.m. PT every Friday.

What is Fall Guys Fridays on Twitch Rivals?

Fall Guys Fridays is the Twitch Rivals Fall Guys tournament. 

“Teams will be composed of friends and will work together to earn as many points as possible,” Twitch Rivals says. “The tournament will feature the camaraderie between teammates as they cheer each other on to collectively finish chaotic minigames.”

What are the rules to the Twitch Rivals Fall Guys tournament?

The basic rules are the teams will queue for a total of six regulation games and four knockout games. After the 7th game, 50% of the teams (11th-20th place) will be knocked out. After the 8th game, 6th-10th place will be knocked out. After the 9th game, 3rd-5th place teams will be knocked out. And after the 10th game, a winner will be determined.

Twitch Rivals Fall Guys Fridays scoring

Qualifying Rounds

Final Rounds

Prize Pool for Twitch Rivals Fall Guys Tournament

There is a total of $50,000 in prize pool earning for the participants. Even the team in dead last finishes with a solid $1,500. It’s worth noting that the prize money is split between the team members. So the winners split $7,000 between four people (so $1,750), not $7,000 going to each team member.

Teams in the Twitch Rivals Fall Guys Tournament

There are 80 total streamers invited to the tournament. This is not a tournament where anybody can play. The people participating in this were invited by Twitch Rivals.

While there will be 80 players made up of 20 teams of 4, Twitch Rivals has not officially released a list of who will be competing yet. We will update this post when they do.

How to watch the Twitch Rivals Fall Guys Tournament

Twitch Rivals will be streaming the event on their channel, viewed in the video above. 

However if you want to watch someone specific, then the participants in this tournament will be streaming from their own point of view on their own channels. So there will be a number of ways you can watch this tournament on Twitch. It just depends on if you want whiparound coverage, like what Twitch Rivals will provide, or if you simply want to watch your favorite streamer play.

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