The MB&F LMX Paris Edition Is a Celebration of Long-Standing Camaraderie

MB&F has released a new variation of its LMX timepiece in celebrating the watchmaker’s long-time partnership and friendship with Laurent Picciotto, founder of the iconic Parisian boutique, Chronopassion.

The new watch, named LMX Paris Edition, houses a striking purple sunray dial plate, complete with the model’s hallmarked three-dimensional in-house horological movement. Encased in 18k white gold, the 44mm time-teller stars a high-domed sapphire crystal top with a transparent caseback. The timepiece comes with purple-lined gray alligator straps, which are finished with tonal hand-stitching and a white gold folding buckle.

Its manual-winding movement comes with a new bespoke balance wheel in the form of a 13.4mm behemoth with inertia blocks, marking a departure from traditional screwed balances with improved accuracy. In addition, its hemispherical 7-day power reserve indicator also allows the wearer to select between two modes of counting down its remaining running time.

Available now and only at Chronopassion’s MB&F LAB Paris location, the LMX Paris Edition is offered in a limited run of 15 pieces, retailing for €146,400 EUR (approximately $157,755 USD). For more information, head over to MB&F and Chronopassion’s official website.

MB&F LAB Paris
271 Rue Saint-Honoré
75001 Paris

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