The French village with SQUIGGLES painted on roads to stop speeding

Forget speed bumps! The French village where SQUIGGLY LINES have been painted on roads to stop drivers from speeding (and it’s working… but also making them feel sick)

  • The village is Baune, near the city of Angers in the Maine-et-Loire region
  • It’s hoped the markings will slow drivers down in a 30kph (19mph) zone
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At a glance, it looks like a Jackson Pollock painting. 

But these village roads in France have actually been covered in seemingly random squiggles of white paint in a bid to deter drivers from speeding.

The markings were painted on road sections leading into a T junction in the village of Baune, which lies near the city of Angers in the country’s Maine-et-Loire region.

Proving controversial, one social media user said the lines were ‘destabilising’ to drive over, while another suggested they could be ‘dangerous’. 

They were introduced following a discussion between local elected officials over concerns about drivers breaking the speed limit while driving through the 30kph (19mph) zone. 

The French village of Baune has introduced bizarre new road markings (above) in a bid to deter drivers from speeding through the area

The markings were introduced on a junction connecting three roads in the French village

The village’s mayor, Audrey Revereault, says it’s hoped the markings will ‘create a visual disturbance’ and slow drivers down. She told French news site The Connexion that the road markings are working as they’re supposed to, with drivers successfully staying within the speed limit. 

Further to this, Jean-Charles Prono, the mayor of Loire-Authion, a group of seven villages that includes Baune, said that ‘people drive fast and it’s complicated to get people to slow down and to have roads signs that work’, Euronews reports. He added that the goal was ‘to make it difficult to read the landscape’.

The publication notes that the markings are not ‘final’, but rather are being trialled to see how effective they are. It adds that Prono said that speed bumps were overlooked as an alternative, as there were concerns they could create a noise issue for locals.

The village’s mayor, Audrey Revereault, says it’s hoped the markings will ‘create a visual disturbance’ and slow drivers down. Above is a street scene in Baune

Baune lies near the city of Angers (pictured) in France’s Maine-et-Loire region

The markings were introduced last month, with local Facebook page ‘Ca bouge sur Bauné’ promptly sharing an image of the newly painted junction with residents.

Reacting to the post, locals admitted they found it challenging to drive over the squiggly lines. User ‘Karine Karlinette’ wrote: ‘Frankly I was very surprised and indeed my attention as a driver was disturbed because I wondered where I had to drive, if the direction of traffic had changed, etcetera…’

And ‘Maeva Louloutia Raveneau’ said: ‘It’s destabilising the first time you pass over it.’

While ‘Rachel Decaux’ remarked: ‘Personally, I don’t like riding on it. It turns my stomach like seasickness.’

And ‘Popo Benoist’ commented on another picture of the road markings, writing: ‘I think it’s going to be more dangerous than anything else.’

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