The Best And Worst Characteristics Of Sagittarius

It is no secret that every sign in the zodiac is associated with certain attributes and qualities. Though every individual is inherently unique, people who are born under the same sun sign are believed to exhibit some similar character traits. Some of these characteristics are viewed as admirable, and others not so much. Sagittarius (otherwise known as the Archer), in particular, is said to have some interesting attributes linked to them. 

The birthdate range for a Sag ranges from November 22 to December 21, making it the last of the fire signs. Sags are also considered a mutable sign, a term which signifies the end of a season and is linked with flexibility (per Bustle). As implied by its respective element, a Sagittarius is viewed as incandescent, passionate, and intense. Folks born under this sign are ruled by the biggest planet in our solar system, Jupiter, which is associated with “abundance, spirituality, and growth” (per Allure).

To understand Sagittarius a little bit better, we compiled a list of several strengths and weaknesses that are associated with this special sign.

The best of Sagittarius

A Sag’s biggest strength is arguably their optimism. Being born under jovial Jupiter, they have a natural tendency to see the glass as half full. Their enthusiasm and zest for life drive this zodiac sign forward, as well as their strong sense of self, according to Horoscope

Another major strength under a Sagittarian’s belt is their free spirited energy. Sags love their freedom and have a propensity for travel and exploration. They tend to turn away from materialism, as money is simply a means to an end, helping them to do the things they love, though they can certainly have fun without it.

Furthermore, Sagittarius sun signs usually possess a strong sense of personal integrity, (per Astrology). If a Sag believes in a cause, they will feel incredibly compelled to take action. It’s also quite difficult for a Sag to act dishonorably as it goes against their innate disposition — this can manifest in many ways, such as them vehemently avoiding the status quo.

The worst of Sagittarius

As with every zodiac sign, Sagittarius suns also have a few character flaws. For starters, they are extremely honest, sometimes brutally so, according to Astrology. If you have a Sag in your life, they might be the one who doesn’t tell you the things you want to hear, but need to hear. While this may seem like a coveted quality, a Sag’s “honesty is the best policy” mindset can sometimes rear its ugly head as snarky remarks, or just plain insensitivity. 

Sagittarians can also be very impatient due to their perpetual thrill-seeking nature, according to Elite Daily. If they’re focused on or excited about something, said excitement will not wane until their interest completely dissipates. To make matters worse, Sags tend to get bored very easily. This can in turn make them appear very inconsistent and a bit commitment-phobic. Additionally, if something is too unchallenging or mundane, they will quickly move on to the next project. For better or worse, though, we still love our Sags. 

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