Terrifying trailer showing megalodon shark taking on dinosaur sets pulse racing

If you love a shark movie and anything with dinosaurs, then Jason Statham's new film is one for you.

The Hollywood action man was featured in sci-fi movie The Meg in 2018 and five years later, he returns for a sequel where he fights not only one, but three prehistoric sharks.

He and his research team took an underwater journey to the bottom of the ocean to investigate new creatures, before taking on a trio of sharks and lots of tentacle at a tourist destination at sea level.

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In the trailer, the movie gives viewers a snippet of "the battle of apex predators".

A new four-legged prehistoric reptile appears in the first few seconds, hunting a lizard on an empty beach before a T-rex dinosaur emerges from behind the trees.

Unaware of a nearby megalodon shark, which could grow to 50 feet long in length, the terrifying sea creature breaches water and sinks teeth on the dinosaur.

Of course, plenty of folks end up in the jaws as well.

Jason Statham had to do his best to outsmart, outrun and outswim the three mega sharks in a pulse-pounding race against time.

The movie is set to release in cinemas in August and shark fans can't wait to see what it unfolds.

One said: "I actually hoped to see the Kronosaurus in this movie, like in the books. Expected Meg vs Kronosaurus. Or at least those 3 Megs vs a giant Kronosaurus."

"Honestly love that it looks like they're not even taking themselves seriously at this point, just looks like a really fun shark movie," a second shared.

A third wrote: "The opening with the T-rex is basically the intro from Steve Altens novel and it's also cool to see this presented like an action comedy.

"I will go see this when it comes out!"


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