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Monday, March 20, marks the first day of spring which equates to warmer days ahead and a good excuse to add some variety to your workouts.

Jeff Harrison, a personal trainer from Lower Pottsgrove, Pennsylvania, starts taking advantage of outdoor training with some of his clients come spring.

“I have a client who, once it’s over 60 degrees, wants to be outside,” he said. “She loves the fresh air and she loves flowers and being outside with them.”

Different approach

When outdoors they will do anything from squats and pushups to using an agility ladder or a TRX suspension trainer attached to a tree.

“It’s a different way of approaching everything that we would normally do indoors,” Harrison said.

His client also enjoys golfing in her spare time, so he challenges her to walk the course instead of using a cart.

As for his personal workouts, Harrison looks forward to spending more time on his bike on weekends after spending the winter working out at his home studio. A former competitor in bike races, today he prefers leisurely paved trail riding ever since he was hit by a car when biking on the road a few years ago.

“We are right near the Schuylkill River Trail and I will go as far as Philadelphia and back,” he said, adding he typically starts in Pottstown and will cover 30-40 miles.

Fresh air

Harrison, who is married and has one son, said he enjoys being outdoors in the fresh air and the opportunity to wear less clothing.

“I contend with allergies, but I’d still rather be outside,” Harrison said.

For those who have been mostly sedentary this winter and aren’t sure of the best way to ease back into physical activity, Harrison offers a suggestion to get started.

“Go outside and go for a walk,” he said. “Start out with 20 to 30 minutes and work your way up from that.”

  • Easy access to our area’s hiking trails offers a convenient way to get physical activity.

  • The first day of spring on Monday offers a start to getting outdoors more to enjoy out local parks.

  • Heading outdoors for a walk can serve as a good way to jumpstart your physical activity.

  • Switching up to outdoor workouts can add variety and another dimension to physical activity. (Jeff Harrison / submitted photo)

  • Jeff Harrison, competing in a bike race, enjoys weekend bike rides on the Schuylkill River Trail come spring. (Jeff Harrison / submitted photo)


Hiking in the woods is another option that Harrison enjoys.

“There is no end to the trails you can find around here,” he said, noting French Creek State Park, the Schuylkill River Trail, Green Lane Park and Warwick County Park are among his favorite destinations.

If you already have a workout regimen and your indoor workouts are getting stale, the extended daylight, warmer temperatures and less clothing make it a great time to make a change.

“It adds variety to all your avenues,” he said. “After being inside for so long it adds another dimension.”

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