'Seinfeld' Horror Game 'Sinfeld: Remastered' Receives Trailer and PS5 Release Date

RareBird Interactive’s Seinfeld-themed comedy/horror game Sinfeld is getting a remaster for the PlayStation 5.

The strange yet interesting video game puts the player in the shoes of Donathan, a nephew of Jerry Seinfeld‘s who goes to visit his uncle for the weekend. However, “Uncle Jerry” is unable to accompany Donathan due to “a job,” leaving his nephew to explore the bizarre post-apocalyptic city. As Donathan explores Jerry and Kramer’s apartments and the world outside of it — including the fictional Monk’s Diner — he is forced to complete tasks and fight monsters with the Spirit of Festivus.

“Join Donathan as he survives the streets after his newly adoptive father abandons him at about 3am in the Big Apple,” a synopsis reads. “He finds himself trapped in an endless loop of nightmares as he fights to find a bed to sleep in.”

Sinfeld was initially created on Dreams while its PS5 remaster will be made using Unreal Engine 4. “We’re huge fans of Hideo Kojima,” Rare Bird and game co-developer Austin Stock said in a recent interview. “When [Kojima] made P.T., my first thought was, ‘Oh, this would be perfect for Seinfeld.’ There’s an apartment, there’s a hallway, it’s an entire playground.”

Watch the trailer above and support the game on Patreon.

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