Sara Bareilles Is Really Grateful to Be Recovering From Coronavirus

Sara Bareilles is feeling “really grateful for every easy breath” she’s able to take as she recovers from the coronavirus. 

On Thurs. afternoon the star took to her Instagram Story to reveal she’s on the mend after being one of the many individuals who contracted COVID-19. However, she assured, “I’m fully recovered, just so you know.”

With the rough bout of sickness now past her, the singer said she’s reflecting on the experience and looking at life a different way. “I’m really quiet right now and will probably continue to be quiet. Just sort of taking all of this in and having a lot of feelings as I do,” she explains. 

The 40-year-old is taking care of both her physical and mental health now that she’s in the clear. She shared she went to therapy this morning and she was recording herself as she took her dog for a walk in the quiet streets of New York City.

“I am just thinking about all of the people who are walking through this really tricky time and sending a lot of love,” she continued. At the moment, numerous states and cities are under Stay at Home orders in order to contain the spread of the virus. 


While she’s still processing her illness, there’s one thing the Waitress stars knows for sure: “I’m just being really grateful for every easy breath and every day that I get to be walking around.”

She signed off from her video by sending “lots of love.”

Sara joins a long list of celebrities who have the virus and are in the process of recovering or already back to good health. Tom Hanksand Rita Wilson were some of the first actors to contract the virus, but they’ve since returned to full health and flown back to Los Angeles from Australia, where they were staying and contracted the virus. 

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