Rugby league working on four potential restart dates as finals may switch

RUGBY league is working on four potential restart dates after the Covid-19 shutdown.

One of those may see the Grand Final moved to Tottenham and the Challenge Cup final switch Wembley for Old Trafford.

And it is understood the competition wants to cancel promotion and relegation.

The 13-a-side code remains out shutdown with no action in sight, even though the original suspension ended today.

But SunSport has learned of four restart options currently on the table – June 1, mid-June, July 1 and mid-July.

And if one of those is adopted, then talks will start on switching the game’s big occasions.

Currently, Super League’s Grand Final is schedule for October 10, so the cup final will take its place.

And the Grand Final would then move to Spurs’ stadium on November 14, when England are meant to play Australia there.

What the season will look like is the first call on the agenda when, or if, the game is allowed to restart.

But SunSport has been told the desire of almost every Super League club and the administration is to do away with promotion and relegation.

Leeds chief executive Gary Hetherington insists that must stay as it adds drama and excitement to the competition.

However, it is believed the will of the majority is to close the door for 2020 – with no chance of a club coming up.

A 13-team competition would mean Magic Weekend could not be held and sides are reluctant to allow the Sky money to be split two further ways, seemingly ruling out an expansion to 14.

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