Royal chroniclers recall King Charles's reliance on Jimmy Savile

EPHRAIM HARDCASTLE: As people wonder whether King Charles will resume a relationship with former right hand man Michael Fawcett, royal chroniclers recall the monarch’s reliance on a previous confidant… Jimmy Savile

As speculation persists over whether King Charles will resume any form of business relationship with former Prince’s Foundation boss Michael Fawcett, royal chroniclers recall the monarch’s extraordinary reliance on a previous confidant: Jimmy Savile. 

In 1990, the then Prince of Wales authorised Savile to interview Major General Sir Christopher Airy for the post of private secretary to him and his then wife Diana. 

Airy only lasted a year in office. Savile could do virtually what he wanted at that time. 

His secretary Janet Cope records that Charles phoned the DJ regularly for advice. 

And his acceptance into the Establishment ran deep. When he finally got his K there were telegrams from Philip, Charles, Diana, plus a handmade congratulatory card from Fergie.

The then Prince of Wales with former Prince’s Foundation chief executive Michael Fawcett

Defending former boyfriend Prince Andrew’s notoriously rude manners, Lady Victoria Hervey awkwardly claims: ‘I think it’s to do with the military… he is very abrupt, he’s very factual, to the point.’ 

Asked if he treated her well, she swiftly clarifies: ‘Yes, of course.’ Candlelit table for two at Pizza Express Woking, Lady V?

Rory Bremner recalls the joy of Liz Truss mimic Jan Ravens when Liz became prime minister.

‘Here’s the thing, of course, she’d just got Liz Truss and I was thinking, “God, in two weeks you’ve lost a queen and gained a prime minister,” and I’d lost a prime minister and gained a king. 

So we were kind of swapping roles. But Liz only lasted 49 days. Jan hasn’t bothered hitching up her trousers to imitate Rishi.’

Ex-EastEnders star Martine McCutcheon explained that Liza Minnelli chose her as her bridesmaid because she hadn’t had a facelift

Ex-EastEnders ornament Martine McCutcheon explains why Liza Minnelli chose her as bridesmaid for her 2002 wedding to David Gest. 

‘She said, “We have an English magazine (Hello!) covering the wedding and, frankly, we need a bridesmaid who has not had a facelift.”’

John Eliot Gardiner has pulled out of conducting at the Proms this weekend after his temper got the better of him. Conductors were ever thus. 

Toscanini’s temper was legendary. ‘You grunt away like pigs! You sound as if you were scratching your bellies – szshrump! szshrump!’ he would shout. 

Fritz Reiner was known as the ‘Tyrant from Budapest’ and Georg Solti was ‘the Screaming Skull’. 

Sir John Eliot Gardiner rehearsing with the Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra in 2021

Artur Rodzinski carried a gun at rehearsals to concentrate players’ minds. Some were a bit more subtle.

Sir Thomas Beecham apparently told a female cellist who didn’t pass muster, ‘Madam, you have between your legs an instrument capable of giving pleasure to thousands, and all you can do is scratch it.’

Celebrity hairdresser John Barrett, who has died aged 66, once styled Princess Diana’s hair while she read aloud a letter from a plastic surgeon. 

Recalled Barrett: ‘We were falling on the floor laughing because this plastic surgeon is writing to the most high-profile, most beautiful woman in the world and saying, “I want to fix your nose.”’

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