River Island blasted by parents for selling leather trousers for kids

River Island is blasted for selling tight leather-look trousers for FIVE-YEAR-OLDS as angry parents accuse the retailer of ‘stripping innocence away from kids’

  • Fashion retailer River Island is being criticised for children’s leather trousers 
  • Trousers were spotted by grandmother Helen Richards, 60, in Worcester
  • She accused the retailer of ‘sexualising children’ with the ‘inappropriate’ design

Fashion giant River Island has been blasted by parents for selling ‘sexy’ tight leather trousers for children as young as five.

The retailer was accused of ‘sexualising children’ after the range of black leatherette trousers was spotted on display in the kid’s section of the store and online.

Angry mums have deemed the clothing ‘highly inappropriate’ and accused River Island of ‘stripping the innocence away from kids.’

Some have now demanded River Island pull them from stock after one grandmother brought the matter to light while shopping with her daughter in Worcester.

Helen Richards, 60, had been browsing the aisles for an outfit for her nine-year-old granddaughter on Tuesday when she noticed the trousers on display.

A pair of leather-look trousers available for children ages five to 12 on the River Island website

Ms Richards, of Worcester, said: ‘Why are they sexualising children? Why do they feel the need to put leather trousers for parents to buy for their child?

‘It’s so wrong, especially in this day and age. We shouldn’t encourage our children to dress like that.

‘There’s more than one way to take away a child’s innocence. I am so angry.’

The gran-of-seven said the £12.99 leatherette trousers were available to buy from aged five to age 12.

A pair of trousers from the range in question, purchased at River Island for £18, sized five-years

The trousers were seen by some parents to be ‘tasteless’ while others said that parents shouldn’t assume everything is ‘sexually motivated’

Ms Richards, who was shopping with her 33-year-old daughter Alison, added: ‘It was the first time I have been shopping in months.

‘I was shopping with my daughter who was looking for an outfit for her daughter.

‘She pointed at these trousers, and I was so shocked. I am usually the one who mentions this sort of thing.’

Ms Richards said she was particularly concerned because of recent fears about a kidnap gang approaching children in Worcester.

She said: ‘I thought I am not going to be one of those people who ignore it, especially with so much going on in Worcester at the moment.

Helen Richards, 60, had been browsing the aisles for her nine-year-old granddaughter when she spotted the trousers in Worcester (Ford Shopping Centre, Birmingham pictured)

‘That sort of thing makes me think speak out. There are other options of clothes for children to wear.

‘I was tempted to say something to the staff but it’s not their fault.

‘I think River Island should remove the clothing from their store immediately. I’m also worried the clothes might attract unwanted attention.

‘Young people can’t deal with that and it can take away their childhood.’

Other mums and dads flocked to social media with some urging parents to boycott the store.

Another pair of leather-look trousers available from River Island for children aged five to 12

Sally Wright wrote on Facebook: ‘Who would want their children walking around like Kim Kardashian in leather pants? We should boycott the place until they are removed.’

Carlie Brown added: ‘This is highly inappropriate and another example of our kids innocence being stripped away. Shame on River Island.’

Terri Hopcroft put: ‘I’m all for children’s fashion but please let kids be kids. Wouldn’t dream of letting my two-year-old daughter run around in tight fitting trousers.’

Ally Moore said: ‘Personally, I like to see children dressed like children. Pvc leggings on a little girl… a bit much.’

Others leapt to the defence of the store with Nicola Long saying: ‘What’s worrying is how adults are pushing their idea on everything being sexually motivation.

‘It’s a pair of trousers, how you see them says more about you.’

Jade Charlotte commented: ‘No need to get angry, just don’t buy them. If everyone thinks they’re tasteless and doesnt buy them, then they’ll stop making them.

‘I dont particularly like them as I dont think it’s a good look for most adults either. But I can’t make that decision for other people!

‘Basically, worry about what your own children are wearing, not other people’s.’

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