Ridiculous model shows what hardcore gamers will look like in 20 years

Remember that pallid, hunchback model ‘Emma’ from last year that was supposed to warn us of the dangers of working in an office?

Well, there’s now a new grotesque creation out in the world and this time it wants to warn us of the perils of video gaming.

Yes, video games are a pretty easy target considering we’re all in self-isolation at the moment and many people are taking the time to get up to speed with a few games they may have missed.

And so a team from OnlineCasino.ca have created ‘Michael’ which, they say, is what avid gamers will look like in 20 years if they don’t change their behaviour. What they seemingly fail to realise is that we’ve actually had video games around for a lot longer than 20 years and there aren’t too many Michaels walking around as a result.

‘The visualisation shows that Michael has pale and pasty skin from years of being in artificial light and the result of lack of Vitamin D and B-12. He has stress-related eczema across his legs and arms and a permanently bent back from poor posture,’ the folks behind the creation explain.

‘From sleep deprivation and dehydration, to lack of vitamin D, digital eye strain and “PlayStation thumb” — these are just some of the physical implications of spending hours online, in a gaming chair, away from sunlight and physical activity.’

The team propose a number of strategies for gamers to take better care of themselves — including regular stretching, eating well and staying hydrated.

Coronavirus self-isolation has led to a boom in online gaming, with gamers spending almost 19 per cent more time on average playing, experts report.

Despite opposition from academics and the industry, the World Health Organization now recognises video game ‘addiction’ as an official psychological disorder. 

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