[Report] Next NFL Television Contracts Could Exceed $100 Billion

The NFL is about to make even more significant revenue through the next set of television contracts.

According to a report from Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, the league and its broadcasting partners are discussing new contracts “that could be for 10 years and far exceed $100 billion in total value.”

Marchand also reported that Amazon is a serious candidate to take over the Thursday Night Football package, which is currently owned by FOX. The other networks don’t appear super keen on adding the Thursday night packages

Citing sources, Marchand also noted that the league is working with the networks to retain the current broadcast packages: CBS and FOX for the Sunday afternoon games, ESPN/ABC for Monday Night Football and NBC for Sunday Night Football.

CBS, FOX and NBC are the three networks that rotate broadcasts for the Super Bowl. But according to Marchand, the expectation is that ESPN/ABC will join that rotation as well. The deals are “expected to” be agreed upon early in the new year, per Marchand.

NBC has broadcast Sunday Night Football since the 2006 season, and it looks like they’ll keep that package. Marchand reported back in November that Disney/ABC/ESPN was preparing for “a billion dollar battle” over the broadcast rights.

ESPN has held the Monday Night Football program since the 2006 season, taking over for ABC, who ran it from 1970 to 2005. Since the 2014 season, ESPN has also broadcast the Saturday afternoon NFL Wild Card playoff game. Now, it looks like the network will start broadcasting Super Bowls.

CBS has been a broadcast partner for the NFL for over six decades, beginning in 1956. The network lost the broadcast rights to FOX in 1994, however, before regaining a new NFL package beginning in the 1998 season. FOX and CBS have held the Sunday afternoon packages ever since; FOX carries the NFC package while CBS holds the AFC package.

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