Queen Camilla takes on Brigitte in a game of table tennis

Madame Macron vs Her Majesty! Queen Camilla shows off her table tennis skills as she takes on Brigitte in a game during visit to a French gym

  • The Queen took on Brigitte Macron in a game of table tennis today in Paris  
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Queen Camilla and Brigitte Macron showcased their competitive spirits today as they played a game of table tennis during a visit to gymnasium in Paris. 

The Queen, 76, and First Lady of France, 70, who appeared to forge a firm friendship yesterday evening at the Palace of Versailles when Brigitte helped Camilla with her striking Dior cape on the red carpet, looked similarly cosy this morning.

Brigitte opted for a red French-cut tweed suit jacket in the style of classic Chanel, and wore her thick blonde bob in its signature voluminous blow-dry. 

Meanwhile Queen Camilla looked elegant in white as she donned a fitted and flared coat, layered on top of a black and white patterned dress. She chose an art deco brooch to accessorise the coat, which she has worn on several previous occasions.

The two women were filmed trying out a game of table tennis, with Brigitte seemingly hitting the ball with skill – while Camilla knocked the ping pong into the net.

Queen Camilla and Brigitte Macron showcased their competitive spirits today as they played a game of table tennis during a visit to the gymnasium

Queen Camilla looked elegant in a black and white patterned dress layered with a fitted and flared white coat while Brigitte opted for a red tweed long jacket and black trousers

Brigitte deftly served the ball to the Queen, while she gently tapped it back over the net to the President’s wife.

As the ball bounced off the table, aides could be seen returning the ping pong to Camilla, before she knocked the ball into the net.  

Camilla is far from the first to show off her racket skills during a royal engagement.

In fact, William previously  showed off his table tennis ability during a visit to a refugee centre in Poland.

And Meghan Markle and Prince Harry competed in a friendly game of table tennis as the Duchess made a surprise appearance in a trailer for the Invictus Games last year.

Earlier in the day, as the Queen and First Lady posed for photos during their visit, they both appeared to get the giggles – with Brigitte even putting her hand over her mouth to try and contain her laughter.  

The cosy display between the two women comes after they shared a sweet moment last night at the Palace of Versailles when Brigitte helped Queen Camilla adjust her cape on the stunning Dior dress.

The Queen paid homage to the country hosting her state visit by opting for the French fashion house to create her caped banquet gown.  

Brigitte also opted for the same designer to produce her elegant floor-length frock with sheer sleeves and gem-encrusted cuffs and collar as she attended the event alongside President Emmanuel Macron. 

The two women were filmed trying out a game of table tennis, with Brigitte seemingly hitting the ball with skill – while Camilla knocked the ping pong into the net

Brigitte deftly served the ball to the Queen, while she gently tapped it back over the net to the President’s wife

The French First Lady and Her Majesty met with children at a boxing club in the Saint-Denis region of Northern Paris

The King beamed as he met French table tennis player Prithika Pavade on his visit to the youth sports centre

Camilla and Brigitte were joined by King Charles during the outing today, who appeared in high spirits 

The Queen gamely could be seen knocking the ball back and forth with Brigitte during the outing today 

Brigitte deftly served the ball to the Queen, while she gently tapped it back over the net to the President’s wife

The elegant ladies were a power duo on the red carpet as they joined Mr Macron and King Charles on the red carpet for the state banquet.

In a sweet moment, the French first lady was pictured adjusting Queen Camilla’s bold navy cape on the way into the Palace.

The state-like foursome were joined by a cohort of exclusive guests at the banquet, including Hollywood actor Hugh Grant. 

The guests enjoyed dining on lobster, crab and 30-month aged comté cheese together.

As she arrived in France earlier in the day, Queen Camilla did also pay tribute to British designers, opting for a gorgeous pink coat dress by Fiona Clare.

Camilla spoke with esteemed actress Celia Imrie (pictured left) during the UK-France Literary Prize reception 

Camilla paid homage to France by opting to wear one of the nation’s most prized designers for the occasion- Christian Dior 

Camilla smiled for the camera alongside Ken Follet (pictured left) and Sebastian Faulks (pictured right) 

Brigitte was not the only one to have a giggle with Camilla today, as British actress and author Celia Imrie (right) also had a laugh with the royal 

Brigitte was chic as always in a Saint Laurent navy suit with cute detailing in anchor buttons.

But at the Palace of Versailles, the pair coordinated, although their dresses were different enough not to amount to a full twinning effect. 

Much like Brigitte’s sheer sleeve on her long Dior dress with bejewelled collar, Camilla’s cape allowed a flattering flash of flesh without revealing too much. And the cape’s trailing tails provided the drama befitting a new monarch. 

The lack of embellishment made for an ideal canvas for the Royal Collection’s most dazzling jewels – the sapphire necklace, bracelet and earrings given to the late Queen by her father George VI as her wedding present. 

Queen Camilla looked focused while engaging in conversation with Ken Follet (left) and Sebastian Faulks (right) 

Camilla mingled with attendees at the launch of a new UK-French literary prize on the second day of her state visit with King Charles III 

Camilla looked pleased to see Brigitte as she arrived at France’s National Library earlier this morning 

Brigitte and Camilla put on a sweet display this morning as they greeted each other with a kiss on the cheek 

Among the celebrity guests, Mick Jagger’s partner Melanie Hamrick chose London designer Jenny Packham; actress Charlotte Gainsbourg, Saint Laurent. The latter’s choice was natural – she is the face of its new campaign, after all. 

Photographs from inside the palace yesterday showed the final preparations as they got underway for the state banquet.

French President Emmanuel Macron’s office said the dinner echoes the state visit of Queen Elizabeth II in 1972, when she was greeted at the Palace by President Georges Pompidou.

Their visit to the library today came as King Charles made history today by becoming the first British leader to address the French Senate – and used his speech to declare climate change as ‘our most existential challenge’.

The monarch spoke of the close friendship between the UK and France and the importance of tackling climate change – just hours after Rishi Sunak put the brakes on Net Zero.

Camilla, who donned a fitted and flared blazer for the occasion, delivered a speech to attendees 

Brigitte sported a glamorous pair of spectacles while addressing attendees at the reception today  

Speaking in perfect French, Charles said: ‘Our most existential challenge of all is that of global warming, climate change and the destruction of nature’.  

Charles was ‘moved’ to be speaking to the Senate and ‘touched’ by the welcome he had received on his 35th official visit to the country – but his first as King.

‘Quite simply the United Kingdom will always be one of France’s closest friends and allies’, he said.

He also spoke about his mother’s love of France – and President Macron’s tribute to her as the ‘golden thread’ binding France and Britain.

‘My mother died almost one year ago today. My family were moved beyond words for the tributes given across France. I can hardly describe how much these words meant to me. I can only thank you for the kindness you showed at a time of great grief’.

Brigitte Macron looked animated while giving a speech at France’s National Library this morning 

Queen Camilla also took to the podium to discuss the new French-British literary prize, which will be awarded for the first time next year 

He added: ‘My mother’s gold thread will always shine brightly’.

The first day of Charles and Camilla’s trip started with a ceremony at Paris’ Arc de Triomphe and a state dinner at the Palace of Versailles on Wednesday.

Charles praised France’s welcome and added: ‘It is incumbent upon us all to reinvigorate our friendship to ensure it is fit for the challenges of this, the 21st century.’

The king is to make a speech Thursday at the Senate in front of lawmakers from both the upper and the lower house of parliament.

Charles and Camilla will then head to Saint-Denis, north of Paris, to meet community sports groups and stars as France currently hosts the Rugby World Cup.

Queen Camilla looked in her element as she toured the French National Library with the First Lady of France

Camilla and Brigitte appeared cheerful while visiting the ‘Bibliotheque Nationale de France’ earlier today 

Madam Macron held up an Asterix drawing (pictured) with a wide grin across her face while attending the event with Camilla 

The pair glowed while entering the event that highlights the importance of literature and the literary connections between the UK and France

Brigitte Macron and Queen Camilla appeared to get the giggles when they posed for photos at the French National Library this morning

Saint-Denis, a multicultural, working-class suburb, will serve as a major venue in next year’s Olympics. It is also home to the basilica that houses the tombs of French kings.

Charles will later visit the Paris’ flower market named after Queen Elizabeth II and rejoin Macron in front of Notre-Dame Cathedral to see the ongoing renovation work aimed at reopening the monument by the end of next year, after it was devastated by a fire in 2019.

‘I look forward to visiting that magnificent cathedral … to see how centuries-old crafts have been revived and passed onto apprentices who are helping to restore Notre-Dame to its former glory,’ he said in Versailles.

Charles and Macron will also attend a reception for British and French business leaders about financing climate-related and biodiversity projects.

The king will end his trip on Friday with a stop in Bordeaux, the southwestern city that is home to a large British community.

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