Prince William will be unlike monarchs before him – greater capacity for warmth

Prince William says Queen is ‘best role model’ in 2016

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It may be a long while off, but when the Queen and Prince Charles both die or abdicate, Prince William will be King of the UK. Body language expert Adrianne Carter spoke exclusively to about what that might look like.

In conversation with the BBC’s Royal Correspondent Nicholas Witchell in 2016, the Prince spoke about his future role.

While he explained that he took his royal duties “very seriously”, the future King admitted: “I certainly don’t lie awake waiting or hoping for it because it sadly means my family have moved on and I don’t want that.”

But when the inevitable does happen, what kind of monarch will he be, according to the expert?

Adrianne said: “William, like his father Prince Charles, began early in life to train for the role he will play as future King of the United Kingdom.

“In the past, he has given off the impression of being reserved and shy, but he has almost always given the impression of being a respectful person.

“William’s facial expressions are naturally warm, and we see him engage with people on a genuine level that is authentic to him.

“As a result, he is seen as personable and approachable, and this contributes to the perception that he exudes these qualities.”

The Prince’s mother and father were obviously crucial in his upbringing and moulding him into the King he will one day be.

According to Adrianne, Princess Diana will shine through during her son’s reign.

She said: “We can see that he has inherited from his mother a warmth with everyday people even as he takes on an increasing number of official responsibilities.”

As for taking after his father, Adrianne suggested a key difference in how Prince Charles and William interact with the public, which may influence their contrasting monarch styles.

While Charles maintains a “more dignified demeanour”, his son “seems to take a much more approachable and casual tone”.

She continued: “When he is in a formal setting, he exudes confidence and holds himself with dignity.

“In less stuffy settings, he reveals himself to be a genuine and unassuming family man.”

Whether appearing at a royal engagement with his three children, or enjoying some downtime watching sporting events with son George, it is clear that one of the Prince’s key priorities is being a father.

The most recent example of the future King being a “family man” is when he took to the camera to wish the Lionesses luck ahead of the UEFA Women’s EURO England 2022.

The father of three gazed at daughter Princess Charlotte with adoration and pride as she too wished the Lionesses luck and gave them a sweet wave.

In the same conversation Prince William had with Nicholas Witchell, he stressed the importance of “modernising” the Royal Family and making it “relevant” to future generations.

Adrianne believes he will do just that.

She concluded: “When Prince William becomes King, people will see him assume his role with dignity while also displaying a greater capacity for warmth and connection than perhaps more formal previous generations.”

Adrianne Carter is known as The Face Whisperer.

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