Pokémon Releases Massive Life-Size Slowpoke Cushion

Pokémon has just released a life-size cushion of Slowpoke.

When it comes to a Pokémon that best represents something as soothing as a large soft cushion, there’s no better Pokémon than the Slowpoke — it always moves at its own pace, is calm, relaxed, and slow to react. Referencing Slowpoke’s official stats (minus the 80lbs weight) the cushion of the Water/Psychic Type Pokémon stands at almost five feet when you include the tail.

Ideal for the Poké-fan that loves to take naps, this life-size Slowpoke will go on sale from now until June 30 for a price of ¥49,500 JPY (approximately $450 USD) over at the Pokémon Center.

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