Please Enjoy This 'Bored' Sportscaster's Brilliant Play-By-Play of His Dogs Racing to Eat Their Dinner

People are finding all sorts of interesting ways to stay busy while social distancing, but this sports broadcaster's play-by-play of his pups racing to eat their food is exactly what we all need right now.

Though many sporting events have been canceled and postponed across the world due to the coronavirus pandemic—including the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games—BBC sports broadcaster Andrew Cotter found a new way to keep doing what he loves.

The clip, which was posted to Twitter on Friday, March 27, shows his two Labradors, Mabel and Olive, racing to see who can finish off a bowl of dog food the quickest. However, it was Cotter's colorful commentary that made the footage so brilliant.

"I was bored," Cotter captioned the recording, which has garnered over five million views in just 24 hours.

In the video, he put all his skill and experience to good use by describing his dogs' mealtime as though it was a competition. It featured all the elements of a real sporting event and there was even a sassy person in the "crowd" telling him to "get on with it" at the beginning of the race.

"You can see the contrast in styles. Mabel's heavy tail use. Happy to be alive. Everything's amazing. Olive more steady, wasting little energy," Cotter commented before delivering the best line of the video, "Focused, relentless, tasting absolutely nothing."

You can watch the video for yourself below:

In the end, the winner was Olive, who finished her bowl first. "What a final we've had here. Great rivals, but great friends," Cotter concluded. "Join us again tomorrow live coverage of a snooze on the sofa."

The clip has been so well received online that people are urging Cotter to release a sequel.

They've also been thanking him for providing them with this feel-good content.

It's safe to say people are obsessed. Here's hoping there are more funny dog videos like this one to come from Cotter. We deserve it.

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