Paulina Porizkova thought she was having a heart attack from anxiety

Paulina Porizkova had such bad anxiety during a recent spa vacation, she thought she was suffering from a “heart attack or instant covid.”

The supermodel went on the trip to relax after experiencing a “total nervous breakdown” earlier this month when a passport mishap derailed her Costa Rica travel plans. But unfortunately the spa trip wasn’t entirely peaceful either.

“Feeling incredibly grateful I had the means to pull myself out and give myself a break. I got pampered. And I did a lot of internal as well as external work,” she wrote on Instagram on Monday before adding: “(Just as an aside- fascinating how I was utterly anxiety free for the first three days, and then when I knew I was coming to the end of the stay, panic kicked in again. And I was shocked by it! Instead of recognizing it – I sat through a lecture, positive I was either having a heart attack or instant covid.)”

Upon returning from her spa trip, the 55-year-old posted a sweet photo of herself with her dog Ludwig and a video of her cat Oskar — and hinted at her current dating situation.

“Ludwig wasn’t the only one thrilled with my return. Oskar the cat missed me too! If only my romantic life was anything like this…😜,” she joked.

Since her estranged husband Ric Ocasek’s sudden death in September 2019, Porizkova has been searingly honest in her Instagram posts.

Last week she admitted to experiencing a “total nervous breakdown” at an airport in Costa Rica when she discovered her passport was expired and had to be put back on the plane. In another post, she revealed that although she loved the Cars frontman, she was “clearly delusional” about their relationship.

“I believed I knew him,” Porizkova wrote. “I believed we had the same definition of ‘love.’ Grieving him is an equal amount of heartbreak and rage.

Although the couple was separated at the time of Ocasek’s death, they still shared their $10 million townhouse. Porizkova was shocked to discover that the “Drive” singer had cut her out of his will citing abandonment.

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