Parents slammed after a passenger refuses to switch seats with their child

A flight passenger has detailed her grueling experience online after she was shamed for refusing to give up her seat for a child onboard.

The underaged passenger had been booked on a different row and seat to their family, so the parents asked the woman if she would free up her space so they could travel together.

However, the passengers came to loggerheads when the solo traveler refused to give up her seat for the eight-hour flight from Africa to the UK.

The anonymous woman explained on the famous Reddit forum Am I the A*****e that she did not want to move to a middle seat in a different row for personal reasons.

Her Reddit post has racked up more than 5,500 upvotes and 1,100 comments, who shared the opinion that the woman was not in the wrong for refusing to move.

The Redditor explained: “I initially said yes, thinking it was just a move across the aisle, but then I realised they wanted me to switch to sit in a middle seat and I said no.”

Another passenger subsequently got up and offered his seat, but the woman chose to remain in her spot, which had booked with a dietary meal specification.

“He then starts loudly criticising me, saying he hopes I understand that I’m splitting a family up,” she explained. “This eventually attracted attention from the crew as it’s holding up boarding.”

Another passenger then interjected and offered to switch seats with the child, but the argumentative man continued his aggressive rant.

“The other passenger from before starts loudly saying to his kids and the family ‘Do you understand what happened? She thought her seat was too special so she wouldn’t let you sit together,” said the poster.

Although tension had escalated rapidly, the woman was confident she was not in the wrong, given that she’d booked her seat to be organised.

“I didn’t think I was in the wrong here,” she wrote. “I organised myself beforehand and booked my seat, and felt it was unfair to have a guy cricising me to half the cabin for not wanting to swap a seat for an eight-hour flight. AITA?”

Fellow Redditors were quick to let the poster know that she was not in the wrong and berated the entitled passengers for giving her a hard time.

Many in the threat argued that the man’s behaviour was “entitled” and that the woman should never have been “plane-shamed” for claiming her seat.  

Some others pointed out that the airline was at fault, as they fail to offer inexpensive solutions for families who want to sit together on a flight.

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