Pamela Anderson Is Selling 'All' Her Old Clothes — Including That Iconic Baywatch Swimsuit

"Better to clear my mind, clear my closet. Make room for this new life," Anderson said. "I can't wait to see others enjoy these pieces."

Out with the old and in with the new!

Pamela Anderson is getting rid of “all” the old clothes in her fashion archives and making room for a new chapter in her life.

In a new interview with People at Pandora jewelry’s New York Fashion Week event, the model actress said she wants to “make room” for her “new life,” even if that means parting with some of her most iconic looks, like that Baywatch swimsuit.

“I don’t like to waste,” Anderson told the outlet. “Better to clear my mind, clear my closet. Make room for this new life. I can’t wait to see others enjoy these pieces.”

She continued, “My style has undoubtedly changed over the years, and it thrills me to think others will find the joy I did. There’s no reason to hang on to it. These memories are made to share.”

There’s not set date yet for when Anderson, 56, will sell the archival pieces, but she was adamant about parting with “truly all of it.”

She did say however, that the pieces shared on her website will be posted and sold in a “thoughtful” and “sentimental” way.

The red once-piece swimsuit is just one of the iconic looks Anderson rocked in the ’90s. Speaking about her bold fashion choices in a recent issue of Elle, Anderson called her style “wild and uninhibited.”

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“I don’t know if it was a defense mechanism or what. I just thought, ‘I’m going to have fun,'” she said.

Adding of her aesthetic at the time, “Makeup from the day before, and a little bit of glitter from two nights before. The stuff that never leaves you!”

Anderson continued, “I’d be volunteering at the kids’ school, and I would catch myself in a reflection, and I’d have glitter all over my face, which doesn’t make you a bad mom, just because you’re covered in glitter.”

Check out more of her most memorable looks in the gallery below.

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