Osteopath shares three easy moves to protect you from headaches or fatigue

An osteopath has taken to TikTok to share the signs of a backed-up lymphatic system and how to help it.

If you’re suffering from fatigue, headaches, constipation, inflammation and/or brain fog, Brendon Talbot says your lymphatic system could be in need of a good drain.

Brendon, of Toronto, Canada, shared a clip of himself demonstrating simple movements you can do at home to help boost lymph flow.

For the first movement, he sits up straight, stretches his arms out to the side and makes small circular movements with them.

Then, staying sat down, he crosses his arms and twists his torso from side to side.

Finally, he gets on all fours, raises a knee to his chest and then extends the same leg straight backwards, repeating the move in one smooth motion.

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In the comments, in response to one person pointing out that technically any body movement moves lymph fluid, Brendon said: ‘Finally a logical comment – you’re right and that’s why movement is important.

‘This video displays movement through main superficial lymphatic sites.’

The lymphatic system is an important part of the immune system that moves lymph fluid around the body.

Lymph is a fluid that essentially helps your body filter waste and bacteria.

Technically exercise in general is a great way to look after your lymphatic system.

But if you’re looking for gentle, low-impact movements that you can easily fit into a busy day, it could be worth giving Brendon’s suggestions a try.

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