OnlyFans star sobs on video after dream tattoo goes horribly wrong

A holiday-maker who visited the Indonesian island of Bali to get a meaningful slogan inked on her arm was devastated after finding out the tattoo was spelled backward in an epic fail.

Australian content creator Tia Kabir opened up about the ordeal in a video captioned “I’m lost for words”, which she filmed from the side of the road.

The TikTok clip, which shows the 19-year-old fighting back her tears and she recounts the incident, has racked up nearly 100k likes in just one day.

The OnlyFans star had asked her tattooist to ink the two-word slogan ‘Angel Energy’ onto her forearm, but there was a slight mix-up along the way.

She explained: “I came to Bali to get a tattoo and I’ve been dreaming of getting one. It’s supposed to say ‘angel energy’, but now it just says ‘energy angel’.

Though some commentators advised her to have the tattoo erased altogether, some viewers volunteered solutions to the problem, with one saying: “Just put ‘protect your’ above it.”

Others, however, were less sympathetic towards Tia’s plight, saying: “That’s what you get when your budget for your dream tattoo is $20.”

“Surely you would have seen the stencil before he started,” wrote another, to which one commentator responded: “I’m screaming! I’m sorry but you didn’t check the stencil?”

Many viewers were not convinced that the ordeal was real and insisted the content creator had faked the situation, but Tia was adamant her story was true.

“My response to this hate is that this is 100 percent genuine,” she barked back at the comments.

The holiday-goer disclosed to the Daily Mail that the tattoo had sentimental value for her, and was a nod to the hardship she’d endured throughout her life.

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She also insists the result was a surprise, given that she’d asked the tattoo artist to revisit the stencil multiple times before inking the permanent mark.

She explained: “The size was incorrect the first time, the second was the spacing and then the third it somehow swapped the other way.

“I was not paying attention to the tattoo as I’m soft when it comes to needles and looked away the whole time.”

As the tattoo came to completion, however, the 19-year-old was immediately reduced to tears and the tattoo artist apologised profusely for his mistake.

Instead of offering a refund, he suggested changing the text from ‘Energy Angel to Energy of an Angel’, to restore its intended meaning.

The art piece cost Tia 1.3 million Indonesian Rupiah, which is equivalent to £80 or 100 US dollars.

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