OnlyFans star slams Astrid Wett for pathetic punch after conference scrap

An OnlyFans star has slammed Astrid Wett for having a “pathetic” backhand after the pair were seen scrapping during a pre-boxing match conference.

Alexia Grace and Astrid Wett were seen scrapping after Alexia threw water over Wett yesterday (May 11) during a pre-match conference for the KSI vs Joe Fournier fight, which is set to take place this weekend.

Security were called in as the melee broke out in the crowd, with footage revealing Wett scrapping with Alexia Grace.

Wett accused her arch-nemesis of throwing water at her before saying: "I am coming for you, you little f***ing bitch!"

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Grace can be heard replying: "Get in the ring with me then!"

Since the incident, both sides have come out with fighting words.

Alexia took to Instagram to call Wett out for her “pathetic” punches.

She wrote in the caption of the video, posted to Instagram on May 11: “Her punch was so pathetic.”

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“That punch was pathetic,” she said in the video while showing the bottom of her lip.

“That’s all she’s done,” she added, showing what appears to be little damage caused to her lip.”

Alexia also addressed the incident via Instagram Story, posting a video yesterday where she is heard saying: “First of all, when I threw water over Astrid, it was not supposed to be a violent attack. She made it violent by punching me in the face.

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“Second of all, everyone was saying she landed a punch. No s***, security were holding me, she had a clear shot at my face. How was I going to punch her when I was being held by security?

“If security weren't holding me, she probably wouldn't have punched me because I would've punched her back.”

Alexia later posted a video to TikTok, calling Wett out and asking her to take her on in the ring, saying: “Astrid, punching me outside of the ring was low, but I’ll tell you what’s even worse — you punched me with your bare fists, and that’s all you could do."


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