Olympic cameraman pans to follow cockroach, inspiring swarm of social media reaction

An Olympic cameraman ignited a swarm of social media reaction this week when he panned away from a women’s hockey game to follow the path of a cockroach next to the field.

The video has generated more than 8.4 million views as of Saturday afternoon.

“La Cucaracha” a Spanish-language announcer deadpans as the gruesome insect casually propelled itself along what appears to be a beam next to the artificial playing surface in Tokyo.

Argentina led Spain 1-0 at the time, and went on to win 3-0.

The unidentified cameraman has been treated like a parasite by some viewers, but most social media commentators appear to have found the humor in it.  

“Guy wanted to be a national geographic cameraman but got the Olympics job instead,” quipped @athenajxnee.

“Why is this making me laugh so much” mused @alexthezebra_

“Other roaches: YOOOOOOOOOOOO” said @jesussancen

And, finally, at least one English-speaking viewer found the video a learning experience.

“I am today years old when I realised the song speedy gonzeles sang is about the cockroach (la cucaracha),” opined @untestsubject.

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