Nicki Minaj Claims Her Success Gives ‘Brown-Skinned’ Rappers Hard Time

The ‘Anaconda’ raptress stops by former manager Big Fendi’s podcast, in which they talk about her massive success as well as its huge impacts on other rappers.

AceShowbizNicki Minaj and Big Fendi recently reunited in his recent episode of his podcast. The “Anaconda” rapper and her former manager talked about her massive success and its impacts on other rappers.

Fendi, who helped the Trinidadian star navigate her rise to stardom, said that Nicki’s huge success only “made it hard for [brown-skinned rap chicks].” He noted, “I think brown-skinned chicks got to work a little harder.”

He continued, “You set a bar for brown-skinned chicks to be like’cause a lotta chicks at that time was like, ‘Oh wow, well, Nicki poppin’ right now. I gotta be at least trying to catch up to look like her somewhat.’ “

Agreeing with what Fendi said, Nicki responded, “Well, I will say dark-skinned and brown-skinned women have to work extra harder in any field. Just like how I feel being Black, a Black woman. I feel like, if a White woman and me was going into the same job at Wall Street, I feel like I wouldn’t get the job off the rip just because of me being Black, unless I was double and triple times smarter than her or double and triple times better than her.”

“So yes, I do agree with that. Of course, it’s me so I don’t feel like my complexion is the reason why I made it, but I also don’t–I try not to be blind or play dumb to what’s really happening in the world,” she added.

Later during the interview, Fendi shared that Nicki “came in the game at a time where complexion played a part in a lot of stuff,” adding that “everyone was going for the lighter girls” in music videos.

In response, Nicki replied, “Yes, but I feel like now it’s changing.” She went on to say, “I feel like people now are making it their business to be like ‘melanin’ and that whole trend is very much happening right now, which I love.”

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