Mums cleaning hack banishes oven dirt in minutes using 9p Aldi product

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    Cleaning the oven can be a massive faff.

    It's hard to get rid of all the grease and burnt-on food from the screen, racks and interior. And don't even get us started on all the little nooks and crannies!

    Thankfully though, a housework whiz shared her cleaning hack that gets the job done in a jiffy. Just make sure you have a dishwasher tablet handy!

    On the Mums Who Clean Facebook page, a woman revealed she used a dishwasher tablet from Aldi to remove all the dirt. These cost around 9p each – so they're much cheaper than splashing out on a specialist oven cleaner.

    To get her oven sparkling, she dampened the dish cleaner with some water and used it to scrub away at any unpleasant-looking residue.

    The mum said: "I’m embarrassed to admit that I've probably only cleaned my oven twice in the nearly three years we've lived here and both times I've given up because I just couldn't get the grime off.

    "Took the dishwashing tablet advice and here we are! Clean glimmering oven door.

    "It did take about half an hour, and some elbow grease, but it definitely works! I just used the plain old Aldi tablets and I used I think four of them.

    "There was a particularly stubborn spot in the bottom corner so I found breaking some up using sharper parts of the tablet worked to get it up."

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    Before and after snaps show that the oven looked brand new when the mum was done – and Facebook users said it had worked wonders for them too.

    One commenter remarked: "Barely any scrubbing required and you only need to use one tablet. It’s so easy the grime basically slides right off!"

    So seeing as the mum's dishwasher tablet trick went down such a treat on Facebook, we gave it a go on our own oven.

    The kitchen appliance was covered in brown marks – and taking a look at the tablet in my hand, I wasn't convinced I’d be able to budge them.

    Despite my concerns, I got to work with the dishwasher product. It was pretty easy to scratch off non-stubborn stains, but it didn’t take long for the tablet to get mucky.

    I rinsed off any residue that collected on the item in the sink, before going back to wipe more grease. Surprisingly, the dishwasher tablet did quite a good job.

    Before and after snaps show how around 75-80% of the dirt was lifted from the oven. Plus, it only took 15 minutes to do.

    I used a cloth to wipe any grime that was left behind – and these are the finished results. Not too shabby!

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