Mum uses £2.99 cleaning spray to get toddler’s scribble marks out of sofa

A mum was distraught when she saw what her two-year-old child had done to her sofa.

After turning her back for a second, she realised her tot had scribbled all over her new couch.

The pen marks looked impossible to budge, which is probably why the woman was close to tears.

To seek comfort, the parent took to the Hinch Army Cleaning Tips Facebook group.

She wrote: “So this happened yesterday while I was homeschooling my eldest.

“I did nearly cry! I only bought my new sofa at Christmas.”

Thankfully, the cleaning forum was just the place for the lass to seek comfort.

Determined to get rid of the pen marks, the woman got to work with some £2.99 1001 Troubleshooter Ultra stain remover.

She sprayed it onto her sofa, before scrubbing off the scribbles with warm water and a Minky cloth.

Miraculously, this simple technique did the job.

The delighted mum returned to Facebook to show after pictures of her couch.

She said: “Almost all gone! (Used) hot water and Minky scrubber.

“Cushion came up the best as I sprayed it then popped in a cold wash and dried.

“Seems to have taken it out.”

The parent’s post racked up dozens of likes – and many praised how she handled the situation.

One responder said: “I’d have died inside to be honest.”

Another joked: ”Well done for not crying!

“I think I’d have given my child to their grandparent permanently.

“Looks good though, fab job.”

And a third added: “Wow – I’m amazed you got it out!”

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