Mum raises alarm after seeing neighbours food delivery on doorstep for days

A woman shared concerns about her neighbours' wellbeing after noticing their food delivery was left untouched on door for over 40 hours.

Allison Grey, who lives in US, said she knocked on their door several times with no response.

She even reported to the police for a welfare check.

Sharing her worries on TikTok, she said: "My neighbours ordered DoorDash last night and this food was out here at 6pm.

"It's 8am and the food is still here. Weird or ???"

The meal was wrapped up in a bag and placed beside a cup of iced drink on the doormat, along with a discount coupon.

But in a later video, she corrected it was actually an UberEats delivery.

The concerned resident also contacted police officers, who told her they'd get in touch with the landlord to find the tenant's contact details.

She said: "Nothing's changed, it's literally been over 40 hours.

"Just to clarify, we have knocked about six times before now and October 22 trying to get hold of them to see if they are okay."

Allison added that the food remained at her neighbour's doorstep for days.

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"The reason we didn't take the food away is because that's the only sign if there has been any movement or if anybody is alive has come and gone," she told her viewers.

"Trust me, I don't want the food there. It's starting to smell a bit off."

After back and forth with the landlord and the police, Allison learned that the delivery driver might have sent the food to the wrong place.

She said: "The name on the bag does not match the name of the tenant, but the landlord is still going to call them to make sure because they have a guest come over for a few days.

"They might have gone for vacations."

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Viewers who have been watching her TikTok videos thanked Allison for caring about her neighbours.

One wrote: "I wish you were my neighbour I would totally feel safer. I'm a recluse if anything happened to me, nobody would notice."

"You're such a good neighbour! We need more people to be like this," another added. "And I'm glad your neighbours are okay."

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