Mrs Hinch fans share simple trick to remove black mould from your blinds

Since spending more time indoors many of us have become extremely house proud, and have got stuck into the spring cleaning very early on.

And as we take more notice of the dirt build-up around our homes there's one tricky spot that stands out – the black mould on your blinds.

But Mrs Hinch fans have got you covered as they reveal the simple trick needed to shift the unsightly spots with a bleach bath. Others suggest putting the delicate window covering in the washing machine but it has left some needed to replace their blinds.

Members of the Hinch Army Cleaning Tips Facebook group offered one cleaning fan a straightforward method after she was desperate to clean up her blinds.

She asked if she could put them in the washing machine but it was strongly advised against by a few avid Hinchers.

One member shared: "None of these blinds are recommended to go in machine even if the manufacturer told u this… Bottle of ace bleach in the bath with v hot water.. Soak overnight n then rinse… Towel dry n hang on the headrail to complete the drying."

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The bleach bath seemed to be the trick for many others: "I have put mine in the bath with bleach, came out like new x"

"I would suggest washing them in the bath, did mine in the washer, rolled them up as it said to do online, secured each roll with an elastic band but they still frayed at the edges ended up buying new slats off ebay for 99p each and mine came with new weights & chains too," shared another.

"I put mine in the washing machine the other day in a washing bag and they have all frayed and that was on a low spin. I would say put them in the bath in soap powered and scrub them," added one person of her washing fail.

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While the washing machine solution isn't for everyone, others suggested ways you could achieve a good result you just need to be extremely careful, and use a pillow case.

"Roll them up, put an elastic band around them, put them in a pillow case and wash in the washing machine. Hang to dry," offered one.

Another added: "I sprayed the few little bits that were black with mould and mildew removed then rolled them up together and put inside a pillow case tied a knot in the top then into the washing machine on a delicate setting."

"Take all plastic out of them … roll up in a pillow case tied with a bobble on a 30 degree wash no spin … hang back up wet," advised one.

The advice comes following another Hinch fan who shared her clever hack for cleaning her microwave that she couldn't believe she had missed.

Her revelation, shared with two step-by-step images, led to hundreds of comments with some hailing her a "genius" as others said they had their "minds blown" at such a straightforward solution.

The post which had over a thousand shares, explained how when it comes to wiping out your microwave – which can prove troublesome when cleaning the roof – you should turn it on its side.

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