Michael Jordan Declares Scottie Pippen Is His ‘Best Teammate Of All-Time’ In New Doc

Michael Jordan declared Scottie Pippen his ‘best teammate of all-time’ in the April 19 premiere of ESPN’s 10-art documentary, ‘The Last Dance.’  Episodes 1 and 2 uncovered their close relationship and what drove Scottie to greatness.

Even the casual NBA fan has at least heard of the dynamic duo that was Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen. The Chicago Bulls legends are arguably the best NBA duo to ever take the hardwood. Therefore, it’s only fitting that episodes one and two of ESPN’s 10-part documentary The Last Dance, dissected the relationship between MJ and Pippen — along with the narrative of Pippen’s tumultuous relationship with the Bulls organization over being underpaid and put on the trading block. Despite the latter Scottie was and always will be MJ’s right hand man.

“When they speak Michael Jordan they should speak Scottie Pippen,” Jordan declared. “He helped me so much in the way I approached and played the game… I didn’t win without Pippen.” Jordan continued, I consider him my best teammate of all time.”

Alongside MJ, Scottie ranked No. 1 in assists and steals, No. 2 in scoring, rebounds and minutes played. Yet, he ranked 6th in on the Bulls in salary and 122nd in the NBA in salary. — Something that would drive Scottie to resent ownership and later demand a trade.

The Last Dance takes look back at the Chicago Bulls’ dynasty through the lens of the final championship season in 1997-98. The Bulls allowed an NBA Entertainment crew to follow them around for that entire season, and some of that never-before-seen footage will be in the documentary. ESPN spoke to more than 100 people close to the team and personalities who experienced the championship run, including LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Scottie Pippen and more.

ESPN will air two new episodes of Michael Jordan’s The Last Dance every Sunday at 9 p.m. ET until May 17. Be sure to check back at HollywoodLife for weekly recaps.

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